Summer is at its peak and its harsh effects can be seen everywhere on everyone. But girls we can’t let this summer down our spirits. To look astonishingly beautiful is our fundamental right and no one in the world can take it away from us, not even the scorching heat. All you need to do is turn your bag into a makeup survival kit this summer. So, here are the 11 makeup products that you must have in your bag this summer. To fill your wardrobe this year with cool summer outfits checkout 10 Summer Fashion Staples For Your Wardrobe


Summers are here and girls love to try a wide range of cool and comfortable clothing like sleeveless, crop tops, tank tops, shorts, etc. But, exposure of skin to the sun in such hot weather can harm it big time. So, in order to maintain the radiance of your skin don’t forget to apply the sunscreen before stepping out of the home and keep it in your bag to guard your beautiful skin this summer.


In summers, the hot sun tends to take away moisture from our skin and leave it dry and cracked. So, in order to keep the skin moist and healthy, we need to moisturize it on a daily basis. Don’t forget to slip on a tiny moisturizer in your bag this summer.


A waterproof concealer is a must have in your bag for summers. It not only gives a fresh look to your face, but also keeps those dark circles, red spots, and fine lines away all day long.


Compact Powder

A compact powder helps in giving the final touch to your makeup. It can be used without foundation and concealer as well if you want a no make-up yet gleaming look on your face. So girls, for those quick yet effective last time touch-ups you need to have a compact powder in your bag.

Lip Gloss

To give that shiny and lustrous look to your lips for a perfect club night on summer weekends, a Lip gloss comes quite handy. It not only enhances the look of your lips, but keeps them moist as well and is low maintenance than lipsticks.

Wet Tissues

Wet Tissues are a girl’s best friend in hot summer days. It can be used for various purposes from for getting rid of oil and dirt on the face to removing makeup. A small pack of wet tissues in your makeup bag can rescue your skin on dusty summer days.



Kajal is a very basic cosmetic item that can be found in every girl make up bag. It accentuates your eyes all the more and makes them more expressive. It is easy to apply and low on maintenance.


Waterproof eyeliner is a must for summer days. It enhances the beauty of your eyes by perfectly shaping them. And the best thing about eyeliners is you can try different looks with it from a simply defined line to the full arc.



Waterproof mascara proves to be a blessing for girls on hot and humid days of summer. It does not smudge or come off and last for a good time of the day. So for a fresh look, you need to have waterproof mascara in your makeup bag.


Eyeshadow Palette

The eye shadows are available in a wide range of colors. You can even use the eyeshadow that matches the color of your dress for a cool and stylish look or give your eyes a smoky look by using some dark shades. So add it to your makeup bag to make your eyes look spectacular.


How you wish, wherever you go this summer turn into an air-conditioned zone!! Well!! That’s not possible because no matter how much we try to escape the heat, our body does get exposed to the sun every day for a limited period of time. That heat leads to sweat, which in turn lead to smell and in that case a deodorant with a pleasant fragrance comes handy. So, don’t forget to add this lifesaver in your makeup bag this summer.

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