Boxing is one of those sports which are recognized for strengths. It is combat sport in which twp people throw punches on each other by wearing the boxing gloves on their hands. This is the sport where bone clashes bone and only strong survives. Boxers are not only popular for their boxing styles but also for their charm. Boxing is the violent sport where knocking out with punches is the basic norm.

It is both Olympics and commonwealth sport. Boxing is supervised by the referee over a series of one to three minutes interval called rounds. The boxers fight in the circle called ring. Each boxer is given a corner of the ring where he can rest in between rounds for a minute. Boxing techniques gradually change from time to time. There are three stances in boxing namely upright stance, semi – crouch, and full crouch. Also, there are four kinds of punches namely jab, hook, cross. and uppercut.

The boxers receive fame not only for their strong punches but also for their charming and gorgeous body. Boxing is not only about the boxing styles and punches but also about the agility and precision. As there are numerous boxers who are famous for their charm, therefore, it is quite difficult to enlist the hottest male boxers of this year. Here, we are providing the list of Hottest Male Boxers 2016. Within squared circle or ring, they are monsters but outside it, they make head turn just by the way they look.

Hottest Male Boxers 2016 – A list of top 10:

Gilberto Ramirez

Gilberto Ramirez is the Mexican professional boxer. This 6’3” undefeated boxer has the irresistible looks as of a Latin movie star. He becomes unstoppable and kind of invincible in the boxing world owing to the disarming power which comes naturally to him. He is considered as the best boxing prospect from Mexico. At present, he is the WBC youth world middleweight champion.

Ray Edwards

Another name in the list of Hottest Male Boxers 2016 is Ray Edwards. This 6’5” heavyweight American star started his career as a football player. But in 2006, after the constant struggle, he switched to the boxing career. This hot personality is currently an undefeated heavyweight and having 9 victories till date.

Miguel Cotto

He is known as the heart and pride of Puerto Rico. He is as devastating in the ring as he is outside. This inked up bad boy is nicknamed as Angel. Outside the ring, this heartthrob is a happily married man with three kids. He is one of those few men who can boast having fought two of the greatest fighter of the century i.e. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Abner Mares

Abner Mares is the Mexican professional boxer who has an incredible story of triumph over tragedy. He was forced out of boxing due to its detached retina. He has won the world championships in three weight divisions. Outside the ring, he is a happily married family man and a father of two young daughters.

Anthony Ogogo

Another renowned name in the list of Hottest Male Boxers 2016 is Anthony Ogogo who is an English professional boxer. Born to English mother and Nigerian father, this boxer first laced up the gloves at the age of 12. Along with boxer, he is also a semi – professional model and continues his work through his official website.

Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia is an American professional boxer. He is the current WBC welterweight champion. This 5.8’5” bad boy is nicknamed as Swift. His patient and steady boxing style is the anise liqueur. This soft –spoken Puerto Rican American turned pro at the age of 19.

Sergio Martinez

He is an Argentine former professional boxer who is nicknamed as Maravilla. He has a crowd pleasing fighting style which is both unorthodox and entertaining. This spectacular boxer got stardom after winning his first championship belt. Outside the ring, this dark and handsome Martinez is an activist and works for bullied children and domestic violence against women.

David Haye

David Haye is the British professional boxer and the former world champion in two weight classes. This handsome boxer is the package of bulky physique, bawdy tongue and bay boy beauty. He is nicknamed as Hayemaker. He has knocked out six world champions till date. His knockout percentage is 86.2%.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer with an imposing 6’6” tall physique. He has the awe – inspiring body of the Greek God. This former bricklayer is now an unbeaten professional boxer. This tall dark hunk picked up this sport at the age of 18. He demolishes his opponent one at a time hoping to get his shot at the title.

Amir khan

The most renowned name in the list of Hottest Male Boxers 2016 is Amir Khan. He is the British professional boxer and two times former world champion. He is nicknamed as a King for a reason. He is recognized as the most beautiful and sexiest pugilist in all the land. Also, he is well – known for his fierce combination and tremendous hand speed. He came into limelight after the 2004 Olympics and became Britain’s high – profile boxer.

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