A horrifying video is currently doing rounds on social media which will make you question the essence of humanity. The video shows a man holding a whimpering dog by the neck on a terrace and posing for the camera before throwing it off the roof.

Please do note that this video might be difficult for some to watch, especially dog lovers.

Watch human depravity at its worst!

According to a report in The NewsMinute , the man in the video has been identified as Gautam S, a final year student from Madha medical college. Students from the college sent the details about Gautam and the person who shot the video to the NewsMinute.

Also, the Humane Society International’s India branch has traced the men to Chennai and has declared a reward of Rs 1,00,000 for information about the perpetrators.

As per PETA India Suspects have been identified and are on the run. The police are searching for them. Call activist Rubin on  if you see them.

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