The Second edition of the hit horror franchise, Mantra 2 is all geared up to release across India on 31st July, 2015 and is being released in north India by Impossible Films Pvt. Ltd. Mantra 2 directed by debutant SV Suresh starring Charmi Kaur in lead role.

Mantra 2 is a suspense thriller and horror movie, on a similar concept as it’s predecessor Mantra.  The Movie will be not be a sequel in the traditional since of the word and the story is not in continuance from the predecessor. The film captures the essence of the first part but the story is absolutely fresh.


Mantra was a huge success on the box office and made the female lead Charmi Kaur a star over night.  Mantra 2 is seen as the comeback film for the leading lady.  After the Success of Mantra the leading lady Charmi could not make a mark for herself and mantra 2 is expected to bring her back to the fore front.

One can’t talk about mantra without the hit song Maha Maha featuring Charmi in her sensual avatar. Mantra, though widely successful at the box office, movie only gave one chart topper in the form ofMaha Maha.  Mantra  2 on the other hand is covering all bases.  This time, the makers are taking good care of Mantra 2 audio, so that all the songs get popular. Mantra 2 is also making waves with its item song platform on the social media. Tharra Boom Boom is quickly turning into the youth anthem of the season.

Mantra 2 is the complete package with great story telling and edge of the seat horror thriller with great music.

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