Mastizaade is in the news for all the banana reasons. The only wise thing about the movie was its release timing being after Kya Kool Hain Hum 3; being compared to something worse puts one in a better light.

Sunny Leone did what she had to do, and she did it well. If only there was even half a script, maybe, just maybe, this movie had a chance of getting a few laughs.

All the hullabaloo about being a laughter riot was a dud. The only riot evident was characters coming and going (Riteish Deshmukh, Suresh Menon, Sushmita Sen to name a few). The dialogues may well have been just thrown in together by pre-teens who have just discovered double meaning phrases.

Sometimes movie-makers fail to recognize the thin line between being humorous and mindless. But this one jumped the bridge to land at “what-was-that? Why-did-I-watch-that? Is-the-world-coming-to-an-end?”

Should you watch it?

Yes of course! What better way to validate this review than watch the movie and add in a few of your own choice comments about the movie that was Mastizaade?

This is what happens in the movie

Tusshar Kapoor as Sunny Kele, and Vir Das as Aditya Chotia have what is politely known as the incurable case of insatiable urges.

Mastizaade 1 copy

Sunny Leone in double role, as Lilly Lele, and Laila Lele come to their rescue.

Mastizaade 2

The rest, well frankly, it was difficult to keep track of the story.

Mastizaade 3

You see it was so complicated; with different bananas and coins going haywire.

Why this happened is completely undecipherable.

Mastizaade 4

But then again, maybe trying to find meaning and sense in Mastizaade is like trying to find the socks that go missing in your washing machine.

However, Sunny Leone deserves a round of applause. It really isn’t her fault if the cast took her presence to be enough to get good ratings. To sit through a movie for two hours, there has to be a story, or at least, bits and pieces of it. In Mastizaade, there was none.

Mastizaade 5

The Indian youth is ready for good, mature adult comedies. There are countless of them in Hollywood, and quite a good number of us have watched them (yes we know you watched it!), laughed at them, liked them and not had to hold our heads to stop a throbbing pain after watching the movie.


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