Scary Halloween Costumes are always the best option for all the men out there because after all Halloween is a festival to be your spooky best. The Mens Halloween Costumes in 2017 were also amazing as well as frightening away to scare one selves. But yeah, 2018 is here with funny yet spooky costumes for Halloween 2018.

The Mens Halloween Costume Ideas should can be inspired from fictional stories, comics or horror series for instance. The festival of Halloween leaves nothing but happiness for everyone behind and probably all of you are going to agree with it. Sometimes we do think that men cannot brainstorm for costumes but that is not true all, they are real competition. Couples can check the trendy costumes 2018 from here.

Halloween 2018 is quite crazy like and everyone goes even crazier about their costumes when the festival is nearing. Did you know that, the festival was initially celebrated for 3 days, well if you want to know some more interesting facts about the festival, then you can check here. 

Mens Halloween Costumes can be categorized into many but men choose the character they like the most. Most of them like to don those costumes that are funny as ya all know that humor is quite a significant part of the festival of Halloween. One of our most favorite men’s costume is of the “American Psycho”. So, folks which is your favorite Halloween Festival that makes the vibe more enchanting and glamorous? Do share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mens Halloween Costumes 2018


mens funny halloween costumes 2018

The Pennywise Halloween Costume has been one of the most popular costumes and the most funny one in every sense. People literally want to be Penny wise not only to scare people away but also to make them laugh. This character is from the movie “It”.


mens halloween costume 2018

The Vampire dress is inspired from the series ” Dracula “. You can dress up as Vampire with just minimal amount of things as the only thing that you need is a black cape. You can wear your own white formal shirt and pants beneath and wrap up the cape around. Do not forget to put on makeup.

3The Mummy Returns

halloween costume for men 2018

We are so sure that all of you are fans of the movie “The Mummy Returns” cool be one of them and let your dress up talk the rest. Let me tell you in prior that you are going to definitely scare away all the girls away from you in the party.


Halloween men costumes 2018

Being a zombie is also an effortless look because you just require a white tee and some sachets of sauce and blood red poster color bottle for instance. All you need to do is prepare the t-shirt and apply some makeup on your skin.

5Killer Chef

mens Halloween costume 2018

The costume is going to scare away everyone in the party if you makeup a story about how you made the food and drinks for today and mixed some blood of your prey in it. Trust me, no one is going to come even near to you. Well, this story is just for gags so do tell them the truth.

6Credit Card

Halloween costume ideas for men 2018


This costume is not spooky at all but actually very funny. Being a credit card is supposed to mean that you are always being denied. Hehe. It is an effortless look as you just have to make a credit card painting on a chart paper and hang it around your neck.

7Spartan Warrior

Halloween costume ideas for men

Okay, being a Spartan warrior does require a lot of responsibility that it brings with the character. You have to carry a faux sword and a sheild with you for the added up effect. Those six pack abs will make this look even more appealing.

8Richard Pryor

scary and funny men Halloween costumes

Well, if you do not have an idea about who Richard Pryor was, here is a brief explanation about them. He was an American Stand up comedian who was highly influential back then. Just wear a red color formal suit and tada you are done.

9Shaggy From Scooby Doo

mens halloween costume ideas funny 2017

Care to disguise as Scooby Doo’s caretaker, well become Shaggy from the spooky series. You can also carry a scooby doo toy with for added up effect. You can also buy it from Amazon.

10Prince From Snow White

Halloween costume men ideas

If you have always dreamt or being the prince charming to your Bae, then without any doubt go for the prince charming costume and impress her. You can also ask her to disguise as snow white if your costume is not a surprise.

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