Your skin is the part of what people see in you ! Hence, it becomes very important to groom yourself well. Since everyone likes or I should say love to don a youthful look there are several regimes you need to be following. My own brother who is just 19 Yrs of age is one hell of a skin maintaining kind of guy. He personally follows all the procedures from face wash to exfoliating and toning as wells.Seems tough to handle but works great.

The following is a line up of the 10 best skin care products for you men.

2Aesop elemental facial barrier cream

Contains extracts of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, tangerine peel and ginger root. It has a beautiful vanilla essence and costs $ 39.You should apply it once a day on your face during winters.

3Dr.Jackson’s face oil

This formula contains moisturizing agents such as baobab seeds, Marula seeds, arnica and calendula flower. Dr. Jackson traveled around 2 decades looking for these beautiful products. You can apply it on your face, hair or cuticles. It is available for $30.

4Molton brown deep -clean minerals face wash

Available for $27, consists of a mineral complex of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Wash your face with it twice a day.

5Anthony day cream SPF 30

Comprises of squalene, glycerin, soy, and vitamin – E nourish is to best to use for the winter. The unique selling point of this product is that it is light weight. Works for both skin and lips and shields them against damage.  It will cost you around $34.

6Clinique skin supplies for men anti – fatigue cooling gel

I am totally in love with this brand. I got myself The even better eyes product and it works awesomely for me. you can definitely trust the brand and try the gel out for $28 and brighten the under eye skin.

8NIVEA for men sensitive post shave balm

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NIVEA Men Post Shave Balm, Sensitive 3.3 oz – idr 190k versi share juga ada, 33.3 ml – idr 80k sudah restock ya seperti PHILLIPS Milk of Magnesia Original, NIVEA ini dialih fungsikan pemakaiannya sebagai primer dirave oleh beberapa blogger dan katanya perfomancenya bahkan lebih bagus daripada primer high brand seperti MAKE UP FOREVER. check great reviewnya di YouTube by : NIKKIE TUTUORIALS – ini pencetus ide nya JACLYN HILL KATHLEEN LIGHST – ini ada reviewnya di YouTube di compare dengan brand MAKE UP FOREVER – and it's even better ada juga di YouTube review oleh blogger Indonesia yang juga berkulit oily kombinasi : @bylizzieparra @sarahayuh_ keduanya bilang bagus hasilnya di kulit combo oily hasilnya bukan matte ya, kalau mau matte pilih yang PHILLIPS – kalau NIVEA ini hasilnya lebih ke arah dewy dan bersifat melembabkan kulit juga di pasaran, after shave NIVEA ini ada beberapa tipe pastikan pilih yang type sensitive ya agar bisa berfungsi sebagai primer dengan baik karena beda type kuatirnya ada beda ingridients bisa untuk all skin types pls googling for more reference order di masuk ke kategori brand NIVEA ya #jualnivea #jualniveamenpostshave #jualniveamen #jualniveapostshave #niveamenpostshavebalm

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Contains chamomile and vitamin – E and is available for $7. It is a fragrance-free balm known to heal razor blade wounds in a jiffy.

9Jack Black intense therapy lip-balm

Available in 5 different flavors, this tube is available for just $8 at any Sephora store. It is essential to keep on re-hydrating your lips be it a man or a woman. It protects you with an SPF 25 range and improves those chapped lips.

10Neal’s yard Vitamin

E avocado night cream: It is really really essential to use night creams as night is the time when your skin starts healing itself to the most. this cream works wonders by halting the sun damage triggered during the day. it also prevents the formation of new wrinkles on the face. Available for $21.50 it leaves skin feeling richly nourished.

Men’s Skin Care Tips

Men need not worry about salon visits and can follow a simple pecking order every day after you wake up.

First, you need to cleanse your face with a good face wash.

Then moisturize your skin and use the product that suits your skin type .For instance men with dry skin can use moisturizers with Shea butter extracts.

Use sunscreen every day and do not forget to re-apply when outside.

Besides all this, drink lots and lots of water throughout the day, have 7-8 hours of sleep, always adhere to the balanced diet and 15-minute exercise rule.

Meditating can have lots of amazing benefits for the skin too.

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