Missing Day 2023 is celebrated on the 20th February 2023 and the second last day of the Anti Valentine Week 2023. Just a day before the Breakup Day 2023 which is celebrated on the 21st Feb 2023. The Missing Day 2023 reminds us of the special ones of your lives. Logically, the whole Anti- Valentine Week has many anti-love days but the Missing Day 2023 is an emotional day filled with love and lessons.

Be it Good Person Missing Day 2023 or the Missing Day 2023, both of them talk about the same things. Well, if you are looking to wish someone you look forward to, take the chance and use the Miss You Day 2023 as an opportunity. Well, like you know that the Missing Day falls on the 20th Feb 2023, there is day called the Breakup Day 2023 which falls on the 21st February 2023. 

Missing your beau? The Missing Day 2023 is just to celebrate that remember that pain. If you are feeling even a little then this day is definitely for you. Missing Day 2023 can be celebrated by both long distance lovers and the ones who have broken up with their partner. The Missing Day 2023 falls on the 19th February 2023 which is just after the Confession Day 2023 on 18th February 2023. 

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Missing Day 2023 is a day of remembering those relationships which you have cherished throughout you lifetime. The terms of missing is associated with many things such as the best friend missing day, good person missing day and some other such as the national missing children’s day 2023. Missing Day 2023 however does not fall into the category of List of International Days 2023. The Missing Day 2023 also should not be confused with the Good Person Missing Day 2023 or the Best Friend Missing Day 2023. To remember the the Missing Day Date 2023, you need to know the whole list of the Anti-Valentine Week 2023 which we have posted below

Check out the history of the Slap Day 2023 which is celebrated on the 15th Feb 2023 and is the first day of the Anti-Valentine Week 2023.

But, Missing Day that we are talking about is the one associated with the Valentine Week 2023. So, hereby clearing out the confusion, let us move towards the observance and significance of this soulful day.

Missing Day 2023 is on Wednesday, 20th of February 2023. It falls towards the end of the Anti-Valentine Week 2023. This day is dedicated to those people who have been subjected to the blues of sweet love lost, those little Brave hearts who are missing their beloved or betrothed due to insurmountable distances, whether it be a physical separation or be halted at an emotional impasse, and left to sail the stormy seas of life all by themselves. If you’re missing that special someone in your life, keep reading, for I will try my best to be there for you, so together we might not feel so lonely, just after the extensive week-long celebration of eternal love.

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Missing Day 2023

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As the missing day 2023 approaches, I think about all all past relationships I have been through in life. Be it with a friend or someone I was attached to. The beauty Missing Day 2023 is that in be celebrated with oneself. You can sit and give a thought to all those happy times and good memories you have had this person and if possible you can go and meet them to say a thank you for being good to you during that phase of your life.

Check out the dates for the Kick Day 2023 which happens to fall on the 16th February 2023.

Anti Valentines Week has come up just for those people who are on the ebbed side of love, those who have been hurt or betrayed by their lovers, have either had their hearts broken or is seriously missing the closeness that they had earlier experienced with their lovers. Worry not, Anti-Valentines Missing Day 2023 will give you a chance to get a grip over your emotions, as (Yes!) you will now be able to send a “Happy Miss You” card to your boyfriend/girlfriend on Missing Day.

Missing Day 2023 History

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The exuberance with which people celebrate the Valentines week sometimes becomes a bit too intolerable for people who are missing their lovers, almost sickening, like by mistake you got a strong double espresso instead of the caramel latte you ordered. Well, the Valentine Week is now over, and so is over the interests of those who had whatsapp-ed you all those cute little heart pictures and quotes. Now is the time to celebrate the broken heart. This week starts on 15th of February, with the Slap Day, followed in order by Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day and then comes our Missing Day. The Anti-Valentines Week then gracefully ends with the Breakup Day.

Are you missing Someone?

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They say people fall in love just once in their lifetime, but whenever we fall in love we feel like they’re the one we are supposed to end up with, don’t we? Bad things happen in everyone’s life and when our relationships end, we feel like we’re losing our mind and then we start to lose the love we had once felt. Loss of love begins to feel like the end of the world, and we can’t go on. We feel like, without the person we love, we’ll never be whole again, and that feeling is worse than any other sickness in the world. Very aptly called heartsickness, this illness is as much real and potentially deadly – probably, cancer – which if not detected in early stages and treated with the worldly sense of “moving on”, you’ll wane off your youth, pining for your lover.

So stand up today for yourself and get a move on. Stop missing your lover and speak up. Contact them, even if it’s just a festive looking Miss You card, or presentable gift letting them know that they’re on your mind. If you and your lover aren’t separated on communicable terms, there are plenty of ways to compensate for the loss of your lover. When the negativity of the termination of a relationship has spread through your life, there is only one real choice that you’re left with, that is to scoop up all that negativity of the past and shove it away to begin again. From a hopeless place, you need to move towards hope, and to do that you will need to love yourself again.

How to not miss someone, that you are missing on Missing Day

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Firstly, stop blaming and cursing yourself. Things happened for a reason, you weren’t the right one for them just as they weren’t the one for you. Anyway, you can’t change past, trust me a lot many people wished they could too, attested by a long list of fiction writers and crazy scientists who tried to imagine a world where you could travel back in time. It’s also a fact that not everyone we believe and claim to be our soulmate is really our soulmate. So to better your situation and ease the aching in the core of your being, start by respecting yourself again, accepting that you couldn’t have made any difference as they weren’t the one for you.

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Get on the move!

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So, hey, get out from under your blankets, and pamper yourself with a warm bath and ample skincare routine – there you go, wash off all the negativity and let it run down the drain. Treat yourself along with your friends for a night out on the town – your friends will help you a lot to get over your obsessive love that has hooked itself onto your psyche. Mind you, friend love in many ways is better than romantic love, as romantic love is more likely to wane away eventually, however friends will stay with you no matter what.

This is enough for the length of one day, but do remember the main key to get over missing someone is taking an action to change your perspective, instead of mulling over and over inside your head until your thoughts turn to poison. The latter is actually no way to handle this situation. The choice is clear. You’re missing someone? Let them know about it. If they know and can’t be bothered about it the slightest, you need to move on. Staying stuck in a disappointing place like that, without peace of mind and devoid of hope is no way to live your life, to justice to yourself. After living with yourself all your life, being your own constant companion, you need to honour yourself for being there for you…

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