You have a lot of guests coming over to your place in order to exchange gifts and this is perchance the best method to save up on your and their diets as well by offering them something other than the cliche options. Did you know that mocktail drinks are powerhouses of lots of essential nutrients as they include fruits which further contain Vitamins and antioxidants?

A few options are listed below for your ease.

 For the beach lovers

This is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the feels of Goa residing in their own city. Offer them the “ Rose Water Coconut drink” and they will be glad. For preparation, you just need some rose water, coconut water, salt and sugar to taste. Garnish the drink with mint leaves for breathtaking fragrance.

 For the diet conscious

You just need some green tea powder and an add-on of honey for the sweet taste. You will also need some lemon and cucumber and a bottle of soda. Take some beautiful tall glasses and add cucumber, mint, and honey into it. Now top it up with a bunch of ice. Fill the leftover space with soda and serve it with a straw.

 Virgin Pina Colada

Blend some coconut cream and pineapple juice together in a blender. Wait until the ingredients come together and form a uniform batter. Add some ice to the top again. Fad up the glass with a slice of Pineapple or strawberry and your drink is ready.

The Pineapple Shots

Pour approximately one puree of Pineapple, chili and amla puree into a glass. Remember the quantity of these three should not exceed 20gm. Add some sweet lime juice and heaps of ice to it. Pour the soda on the top of it and your shots are ready to be served.

 For the fruit lovers

I bet everybody is gonna love this serving and appreciate your efforts to the fullest. Take a couple of fruits of your choice and blend them well. Mix some lemon juice and add sugar as required. Add some salt to taste in the mixture. Pour the beverage up with ice cubes. Garnish the glass with a slice of lemon cut from between.

 For the bodybuilders

You can always expect that bodybuilder cousin of yours to ask for some protein shake. Make him feel special by preparing a mocktail rich in proteins. You will need some bananas, honey, some dry fruits and vanilla ice cream. Pour the blended banana, dates, honey and the ice cream into a tall glass. Add ice cubes into it. Garnish with dry fruits on the top and you are done. Yayy!

Make Diwali special and healthy for all your guests.

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