Pretty woman

One of the best romantic movie of all times. My favourite movie for any time and any mood. It’s not just a story of love and romance or finding Mr right, but also a story of bringing positive change in life and the line that not all men hit. When true love knocks your door, it changes you forever and it changes you for the good.

Chokher Bali

A Bengali movie, translated in different languages, based on a novel by Rabindranth Tagore, Other than the brilliant performance by the prettiest lady of the world, Aishwarya Rai, the story revolves about a widow named Binodini and how her uninhibited and reckless desires destroy her best friend’s life. A brilliant story which deals with the raw emotions and matures them with time.

Few good men

Other than sizzling but cute Tom Cruise, looking impeccable in the navy’s uniform, the movie teaches about realizing the hidden potential and not giving up under any circumstances.

Top gun

Again Tom cruise in uniform. The movie deals with the skills and unsolved personal issues of a fighter pilot. The scenes had my insides exhilarating, but more than that, the movie teaches about getting on in life.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

My favourite Hindi movie and the journey of one of the greatest personalities ever. I loved the concept of love’s strength in the movie and his life story is itself an inspiration and a treat.

James bond series

The movie and the experience as well is shaken and not stirred.

The notebook

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, I have never seen a better romance and love than this. This movie teaches about the power of never ending love and that some forever are indeed forever.

The fault in our stars

Based on the novel by John Green, even though the book is much better, but this movie still stands to be one of the best heart wrenching stuff ever written. Dealing with the loss of love and the gain of it, the cancer patients teach us a lot about life.

Harry potter series

The sensation by J. K. Rowling teaches us a lot of things, starting from love to friendship, willpower to perseverance. The magic does not lie anywhere else other than our hearts.

Rocky series

Not only did it change Sylvester Stallone’s life but I have read about many people claiming to have a life changing impact on them too. The movie is more of a journey teaching stumbling successes all at once.

The Dark Knight

The aura and charisma of batman along with the trauma of joker, but it showed that no matter how much screwed up anyone tries to make us, our belief and faith always win. And the concept of dark knight was amazing too with creating a new generation of a dark knight over a hero.

Safe Haven

The emphasis on new beginnings and another chances to life. The movie portrays the permanent presence of true love and how it brings happiness to the one we love.

Legally blonde

While some may disagree, I think this is one of the best chic flicks ever made. Reese doesn’t change her Barbie charm for anything and shines bright even in the law world. My favorite scene is she entering the courtroom wearing all pink.

Silence of the lambs

Remade in Bollywood as Sangharsh, Hannibal Lectern was my childhood inspiration for a really long time. The girl tries to undo the pain she faced by saving other lives and the same belief I have implied in my life.

The lion king

This Disney movie teaches us how to make peace with your past and accept the duties of present.

3 idiots

Storming the education system with the meaning, try to be deserving and worthy and success will run after you. Don’t run after success, try to be worthy instead.

Captain America – the winter soldier

The movie, other than being one of the best superhero movies of all times, teaches us the difference between having a good heart and a good physique and what is most important for being a hero.

The Dark Knight Rises

Another movie of the batman series, this movie teaches the significance of trying again and again and the significance of fear. Success is doubtful without the fear of failing and the vigor and amazing Stunts of Catwoman just add the spices to the noodles.

Black swan

The strength and dark side of passion and ambition, the significance of being carefree and the dreams of waking madness, all make this movie one of the best psychological thrillers of all times.

Silver linings playbook

The movie deals with second chances and understanding the difference between true love and madness. True love can conquer anything, and madness can snatch away everything.

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