We all are aware of the fact that we get to learn a lot from movies. However, it is advisable to only learn positives from the film rather than focusing on the negative aspects of it. Sometimes, these movies do not go well commercially but the impact they leave should not be forgotten.

Here is a lineup of some movies that totally have been promising and changed the way we live our lives.

# Rang De Basanti

Okay! I saw this movie when I was in 5th class, from that day to the present day I have never been able to forget one of the movie’s ace dialogue that is “ Zindagi Jeene k Do tareeke hotey hain, ek jo hora hai hone do , bardash krtey jao ya phir zimeedari uthao use badalne ki”.
I mean like there has been no inspirational movie like this one.
A bunch of friends who gather to star in a documentary on the lives of our freedom fighters made by their friend Sue totally awaken their love for their country unintentionally, from there the movie happens to go through various ups and downs.

# 3 Idiots

Famous for the dialogue “ All is well”, this movie revolves around 3 friends who enroll up in one of Delhi’s best engineering colleges. This movie is a lesson for every parent who has happened to put their own selected career choice onto their kid’s shoulders. We learn that we should take up a profession that we love to do not that one which is cliche.

# Taare Zameen Par

This story is about a kid Ishaan who happens to suffer from Dyslexia. He is seen flunking classes, failing in subjects and standing outside the class for punishments because of which he is sent to a boarding school by his unaware parents. There he meets the savior of his life, his art teacher played by Aamir Khan who encourages his drawing skills and also helps in scoring well in class. This movie teaches parents not to compare their children with those of others. Every kid in the world has his or her own capabilities.

# Baghban

There has not been any day when I have seen this movie and not cried my heart out. This movie teaches us kids to respect and love our parents. It shows how important are they in our life. The story revolves around Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini who are separated by their children who term them up as burdens. The movie ends on a very good note and is definitely must to watch.

# Dangal

Based on the real life story of the ace wrestler sisters and Commonwealth game winners Geeta and Babita Phogat, It narrates a story of a father who promises himself and to the world that he will prove his daughters are better than men. It’s a woman centric movie and teaches us not to be gender biased. In real life too both the sisters are living inspirations for us all girls.

If you have not seen any of these, please give them an insight I am dead sure you will not regret your decision. Though the movies are gonna definitely motivate you in some way or the other but on a personal level everyone has to have some inspiration in life and sweat it out to reach for their dreams and ventures.

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