If you have loved 2012 and a plenty of action-themed scenes then this one is the right movie for you. The story is a must watch for people of all ages and does live up to the hopes of the audience. I personally love how spine-chilling thrills are created around a story line and boom there is a climax and there are goosebumps all over.

The first half of the movie is slow and the second part is quite interesting to watch for. There is no doubt in saying that it’s a one-time watch movie.

Cast: Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris and much more. 

Runtime: 1 hour 49 minutes 

Genre – Sci-fi / Thriller

Director – Dean Devlin 

Release date: 11 October 2017

Future movies have been quite a rage since the movie 2012 released. The thriller is commendable enough though. The actors have put in a lot of effort which makes it fair enough to say that it’s a fine watch. So, it is all about gradually changing climatic conditions that are creating a haywire on earth’s different areas. The climate-altering satellites are moved into the space to keep people safe from a chain of events which have been created intentionally by a scientist which eventually created a ruckus in the scientific working of the machines. A cabinet ministry is called but wait for something again goes wrong and there comes a line up of destructive events across the world.

The one who actually started the problem is called back to fix the menace but ironically finds out that some person is actually controlling the “Dutchboy”, ( The climate-altering satellites). This worriment needs to be fixed otherwise it will give birth to the mother of all storms and that is the storm.

The much awaited and suspense worthy Geostorm does not really happen and you will have to watch the movie to know why. The movie is 4-dimensional and you will love the realistic elements like that of the halogen lights, the spraying of water and the vibrating of your chair. If you are a sci-fi lover and totally like watching breaking and the destruction of things, it is definitely going to engage you till the end.

The audience engagement was a balanced out one and the reactions were quite in a mixed proportion. Well, I cannot ever criticize any movie as it is an effortful work of the writers and the other crew in the making of one such. I won’t say that it’s worth the binge to the gold class in your nearest cinema but it is definitely worth one-time watching. Cheers to Gerard Butler and the whole team.

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