There are infinite options for somebody who wants to pamper their nails and make them appealing. Recently, I happened to come across Kylie Jenner’s nail style which was quite simple yet classy. She painted her nails in sky blue matte color to promote her limited edition of lip kit shades. Way to go girlie.!

Gush up sweet lovers, the jelly candy inspired sugar coated mini is perfect for you, for those who want to put up a subtle look can apply any nude matte color onto their nails.

The bombshells would definitely want to apply the gold and black jeweled mani. If you are still a kid at heart and love Elsa absolutely, here is a cute 3-D option for you. This look is inspired by the princess and her ice castle.

If you want to go with a blossomy look that goes with your floral print maxi, here is a great option for you, you can get your nails painted in tricolors preferably pink, white and sky blue and get an orange and red colors drawn on it. How cool is that.? My favorite is to get your nails painted in violet color in matte and getting some rhinestones pasted on one of your ring fingers. This is totally a trendsetter and is sure to make heads turn. A grayish matte look is never going to go out of style hence you can never go wrong with it.

I will guide through the process step by step so as to help you make your nails beauteous as hell. It is best to have a nail art done when the length of your nails are long enough. Ladies with shorter nails need not worry too they can either have an extension done from the nearest nail art salon in their locality.

If you are planning to do nail art all by yourself then these follow ups might be useful for you.

#Step 1 The cleanup

Wash your nails nicely with a hand wash so as to get red of any traces of any substance that is lingering upon the hands.

#Step 2 Get rid of the Ex

Make sure you have no traces of your ex-nail polish left on your nails. Clean them up with a good nail polish remover which is available at any drugstore.

#Step 3 Shape up


Trim and File up your nails and bring them to a good shape. It can vary up to square, oval or the Dracula trend too.

#Step 4 Apply base coat

Apply a layer of base coat and let it dry impeccably. This step is however not so necessary but it is always advisable because it holds up the nail paint for a longer period of time.


#Step 5 Get Help

Put a sticky tape around your nails to avoid a mess, you can also use up a toothpick, or a bobby pin for the detailing. View up all the YouTube Videos and read up books to learn up more.

#Step 6 The last step

Apply the nail paint finely and let it dry completely.Please try and stay away from any kind of thing that can mess up your paint and decrease your patience level.

While everyone can try out the technique but please prefer getting your nail art done by a professional and please neglect using street products as they can harm your nails.

Nail art is choosing to be different

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