National Candy Day 2019- Candies are our heart and soul! Be it toddlers or adults, these amazing sweet surprises relish our inner devils just the right way. Well which is why the United States of America celebrates the National Candy Day 2019 on the November 4 every year. The origins of this celebration although date back to the 4th-6th century and had its roots in Asian countries. Know more about the sweet National Candy Day 2019 and why it is celebrated. You can also check out the ways to spend this awesome holiday in the section of steps for National Candy Day 2019 from below.

National Candy 2019

You can never be sad when handed over a bag of colorful candies! These relishing treats are often used as treats for kids and as gifts for adults. They are also a significant part of the festivities like Christmas, New Years and most importantly the Halloween Festival. So, if you are still confused if there is a National Candy Day? Check out the entire history and meaning about the sweet holiday and its traditions from down below.

national candy day 2019

History of National Candy Day 2019

” The story of the Khanda”

Candy of any sort send a dopamine trigger in our brains. They are indeed a pleasure to see and to eat as well. It is believed that the candy has its origins in Asia. It all started in the 4th and 6th century BC when the Greeks and Persians realized that the Indians would make honey without Bees. It was made with the help of Reeds which was actually Sugarcane. The Sugarcane was boiled and transformed into fine sugar which was known as Khanda in India.

Honey Coated Fruits and Industrial Revolution

Long back in ancient China, Egypt, Rome and Greece, people would coat the flowers and fruits with some honey. These were preserved and then transformed into candy. After the era of industrial revolution candies were mostly used for cooling down the upset throat and as digestive medicines.

Candy in the U.S.A

Candies came from France and Britain in the United States of America somewhat during the 18th century. But unfortunately, only a few artisans could make candies and only the rich could afford to have it. Soon, after the industrial advancements, these candies were made available for everyone.

national candy day 2019

How to Celebrate National Candy Day 2019

There is so much to do with the Candies! There is no limit to celebrate the day when it comes to Candies. You can buy them, gift them, share them and spread smiles all the way. If you are still confused Bazinga! we have awesome ideas on and about how to celebrate National Candy Day 2019. Scroll below for more information.

Gift a Candy

Well, Candy is never a bad option when it comes to gifting. Be it kids or adults everyone loves to have candies. Celebrate the day by gifting your near and dear ones a pouch of their favorite candy types and get a big wide smile in return.

Try and Bake Candy

You can also make the National Candy Day by trying out cooking and baking your favorite candy. Do not worry even if this is your first time just take it as a fun activity for National Candy Day. You can celebrate this day together with your friends or soulmates.

Distribute candies among less fortunate kids

This is perhaps the best way to celebrate the National Candy Day 2019 because it will fetch you a bunch of blessings from the kids. The candies will not only bring a smile on their faces but also make you happy from the core of your heart.

Try out a new flavor

You can also celebrate the National Candy Day 2019 by trying out a new flavor or a new and innovative candy apart from your constant one.

What is Candy?

Candies are also known as sweets and lollies because they have sugar as their principal agent. These are often made in small pieces and are classified into different types like chocolates, Pantteri, Nut Britters, Batasha, Gummy Bears, Hard Candy and Japanese Hard Candy. Candies have a low nutrition count and thus professionals suggest having them once-twice a week only.

National Candy Day 2020

The National Candy Day 2020 will be celebrated on the November 4, 2020 which is a Wednesday. Apart from buying candies and relishing their sweet tooth, people celebrate the day by wishing each other a very Happy National Candy Day and distributing candies among the kids.

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