National Dog Day 2019 – Furry liked the Curry, Cuddled me in a hurry and bid me goodbye on the ungrateful night of his bury, miss you doggo! Well, pure bred or stray, these guys are the torchbearers of kindness which is why Colleen Paige( Animal Advocate) founded the National Dog Day on August 26 in the year 2004. Soon, the day was officially adopted by the New York Legislation in the year 2013. The day aims to create awareness about the galvanization and acknowledgement of such selfless creatures all around the world. It also aims to encourage Dog lovers about adoptions rather than buying from Pet Stores. Scroll below for more information about the National Dog Day 2019.

National Dog Day 2019

It is believed that dogs understand each and every thing that we humans cannot even think of. These guys can detect your emotional status and major illnesses in a sniff of a time. They are a major part of the Law enforcement. They help in rescue operations and also help the disabled by playing the role of service dogs. Be it a pure bred or a street dog, all our dogs at the end and have the same heart which is why the National Dog Day 2019 aims to encourage people regarding the discrimination against pure bred and others.

national dog day 2019 images

National Dog Day 2019 Date

The Date of the National Dog Day is August 26th, the inception of which dates back to the year 2004. It is a very significant day for the founder as it was on this day when Colleen’s family adopted their first pup. Celebrations of the National Dog Day clash with the Woman’s Equality Day in the United States of America. Another aim of this National Dog Day federation is to rescue about 10,000 dogs each year.

National Dog Day Images 2019

Images speak louder than words! Sharing these National Dog Images will not only make people go aww but will also alter the onlooker’s negative thoughts into positive ones. By sharing these National Dog Day Images on social media, you can easily spread information about dog welfare. You can download your favorite Images from below and share them on social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook.

national dog day 2019

national dog day 2019
national dog day 2019 images
national dog day 2019
national dog day 2019
national dog day images
national dog day 2019
national dog day 2019
national dog day 2019 images

Significance of National Dog Day 2019

The main aim of the National Dog Day is to raise sensitization among humans about these selfless creatures. These guys will mark their spot in your heart and ask for nothing in return. It has been proven that dogs help and cure many illnesses like depression and anxiety, so why cant we give them the love and respect they deserves.

The founder of the National Dog Day 2019, Colleen Paige started this day so that people could understand the importance of these animals in our lives. They serve in most possible ways, asking for nothing in return but love. Another aim of the day is to create awareness and discourage people to buy dogs from puppy mills, instead one should adopt from the shelters because these guys actually need your love and affection.

national dog day 2019

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

The National Dog Day Celebration is one of the most adorable things you will see in this world. Furry Balls enjoying Dog parties will make your heart blow with love. It does not matter if you have a pet dog or not, you can celebrate this day with pooches of your locality too. Check out the pawsome and pawmazing ways to celebrate National Dog Day 2019 from down below.

#Buy Cool Fashion Accessories For Doggo

Make this day worthwhile for your pooch buy buying him a fashionable or trendy accessory like a leash, collar or a scarf, Just like you celebrate your birthday and anniversaries by buying yourself cool stuff, make your dog feel special too.

#Attend Cool Dog Parties

Funky Dog Parties will not only make your pupper feel good but they will also be equally refreshing for you. Cute Doggos running and swimming around in happiness will make your anxiety level minimize than ever for sure..

# Get Dog Photo Shoot Done

Dogs are pretty photogenic, so it is a cool idea to get a cute photo shoot done for them. They sure will give you hilarious poses and expressions and make your activity worthwhile.

# Say Because Dogs Instead of a Hello

Make it a point to say Because Dog with a Dog Fact to anyone and everyone who meets you on the August 26th, you might find it a little awkward but this is an amazing way to spread information regarding pupper and doggos.

# Book Dog Spa Treatment

Massages inculcate blood flow in the body and make one feel relaxed much hence it is not a bad idea to provide holistic treatment to your doggo on the occasion of National Dog Day.

#Brush Your Dog’s Fur

If it is not possible for you to provide massage sessions to him, you can simply brush their fur at the ease of your home. Doing so will make your doggo feel out of this world completely.

#Buy Him Dog Toys

Buy a few Cool Dog Toys will certainly make your Doggo’s day. Crocodiles, Squirrels, Squishy Fishes let him catchem all like Pokemons.

#Throw a Dog Party at Home

You can plan out a dog party at home and call all your friends along with their doggos. All you have to do is decorate your home with some awesome dog stuff and bake a dog friendly cake for all your guests. Do not forget the party caps though.

# Adopt Dog From Shelter

Adoption is the best way you can own a dog, this way you not only lend a helping hand to a pupper in need but also put in your effort for discouraging puppy mills.

# Spend Your Time with Him

It makes him really sad seeing you leaving for work everyday, hence grant him happiness by spending your time with him the entire day. Cuddle, Hug and tell that him that he is indeed a good boy.

# Shower him with Treats

Its a special day form him so make sure you leave no leaf unturned. Buy him his favorite biscuits or treats on National Dog Day.

national dog day 2019

About Colleen Paige

Author of ” The Good Behavior Book for Dogs”, Colleen Paige is America’s leading Pet & Family lifestyle expert. She has been working for animal welfare since many years and is the founder of many Philanthropic Holidays such as National Dog Day, National Puppy Day, National Pet Day, National Cat Day, National Beach Day and many more.

National Dog Day 2020

The National Dog Day 2020 will be celebrated on the August 26th, 2020 which is a Wednesday. The date for the celebration does not change every year because August 26th is a special date for the founder of the National Dog Day. You can celebrate this day by offering treats to your dog, adopting a dog from the rescue shelter etc.

Happy National Dog Day to all the pet parents!

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