National Pierogi Day 2019 : Made of unleavened dough and diced with potatoes, veggies and sauce, the pierogi is an internally loved dish from the Polish origin. These marvelous dumplings are considered a National Dish in Poland but are loved by tourists a lot which is why National Pierogy Day is celebrated annually on October 8th. The best part of the Pierogi dish is that it can both be served as a savory dish or dessert and all you need to do is change the fillings. Wish ya all a very Happy National Pierogi Day 2019, scroll below to know more about it.

National Pierogi Day 2019

Whether you are a baker, chef or a normal Pierogi loving citizen, this day is certainly special for you if you are living in Poland. Although, the dish has now spread its wings in the United States of America as a side dish as well. Other countries who love these filled dumplings are Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Russia. Scroll below to know about the semi-circular beauties.

national pierogi day 2019

Where do Pierogies originate from?

There is a lot of dispute and controversy regarding the origins of the dumpling dish. Some historians say that Pierogi originated from China while others say that it is from Poland. Check about all the legends and histories related to the Pierogi Day from below.

Marco Polo’s Expedition

Many people believe that Pierogi came from China all the way from Italy through the expeditions of the Italian explorer Marco Polo. However, there is no proof that justifies this fact.

When a Storm Hit Poland

A very famous legend from Poland states that a priest known as Saint Hyacinth of Poland was the one who had introduced Pierogi to the world. It is said that he bought the Pierogi from the Kiev which is now Ukraine. When Hyacinth visited the kościelec region on July 13th, 1238, a storm had destroyed all the crops so he asked everyone to pray to God to end their sufferings. Next day, new crops grew up. To thank the lord for his immense blessing, people made Pierogi dish from these crops.

Famine caused by Tatar’s Invasion

It is also believed that Saint Hyacinth fed Pierogi to the people who were hit by famine which is why the dish is loved and respected in the Polish region.

Pierogi bought by Tatars

Some legends state that these Pierogi dishes were bought by the Tatar’s to the Western region due to their Russian origin. However, there is no proof that justifies the fact.

National Pieorogi Day

How to Celebrate the National Pierogi Day?

People all over the world make National Pierogi Day with pomp and show. Not only by ethnic restaurants, the National Pierogy Day is celebrated by the Internationally acclaimed chain of restaurants as well. You can scroll below to know how different countries which celebrate the National Pierogi Day 2019.


The people of Alberta celebrate the festival every year, they have a giant 25 feet tall and 6000 weighing pound Pierogi structure. It is made of steel and fiberglass and also has an equally giant fork piercing into the structure.


The people in Krakow region of Poland celebrate the Pierogi festival every year with lots of excitement and happiness. It was reported that over 30,000 Pierogi dishes were consumed in the 2007 Krakow festival on daily basis.

About Pierogi

The Pierogi is a European dish made with unleavened dough in the shape of a dumpling. The dough is boiled sometimes. The fillings of the Pierogi include Potato, Ground Meat, Cheese, Fruit and any other Savory you would love to have. The toppings of the dish often include Fried Onions, Butter, Sour Cream etc.

National Pierogi Day 2020

The National Pierogi Day 2020 will be celebrated on the October 8, 2020 which is a Thursday. It is a worldwide celebration but is the best celebrated in the European region of Poland. Many people bake and distribute Pierogi on this day.

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