National Stuffed Mushroom Day 2020 – Shiitake, Oyster, Porcinis well yeah, these are different names for the types of Mushrooms we come across everyday and to honors this edible fungus, the United States of America celebrates the National Stuffed Mushroom Day 2020. It is annually celebrated on the February 4th by eating mushrooms and delicious mushroom items. Scroll below to check more about the National Stuffed Mushroom Day 2020 Date, History and How to Celebrate the day.

National Stuffed Mushroom Day 2020

Well, Mushrooms are as old as the Greek literature. People began eating them during the ancient times. According to some sources, eating mushrooms dates back to the 19th and 20th century. People usually celebrate the National Mushroom Day 2020 by making their favorite Mushroom recipe.

National Stuffed Mushroom Day Date

The cold days of the month of February brings in the National Mushroom Day 2020 for us in the first week itself . The day is celebrated on the February 4th which is just 3 days before the Valentine Week. The date for the celebration does not change every year and there is no special theme.

How to Celebrate Stuffed Mushroom Day?

Well, the very first thing that comes to my mind is making a delicacy with the help of the Stuffed Mushrooms and earning compliments. Well, but why does the day has the term ” Stuffed” in it? That’s because we live in an era where in Mushrooms are stuffed in many vegetables thus increasing their flavor. Hence, the best idea would be to prepare a stuffed mushroom dish to honor the relevancy of the day. You can however check out more ideas on how to celebrate National Stuffed Mushroom Day from below.

Host a Mushroom Themed Party

Well, plan out a party for the National Stuffed Mushroom Day at the ease of your home. You can call out all your buddies and ask them to come in Mushroom themed dresses to enhance the significance of the event.

Make Stuffed Mushroom Dishes

You can bake your favorite Stuffed Mushroom Dishes for the day and call all your friend to bake one each from home. This will initiate togetherness and you will have a lot variety to eat too.

Play Stuffed Mushroom Game

You can play the evergreen Super Mario Game! Well, if you are wondering about the reason. Let me tell you that the entire set of the video game was based on Mushrooms. You had to earn them to power you up. So tadaa.! Play Mario.

Have a Stuffed Mushroom Quiz

Play the host to the party and plan out a Stuffed Mushroom Quiz to see who knows the most about this edible fungus cum vegetable that they eat everyday. The winning party gets more Mushrooms.

National Stuffed Mushroom Day History

The history of the National Mushroom Day date back to the 19th century – 20th century. It is believed that during these times the mushroom stuffing was inspired by the stuffing of the Zucchinis done by the Italian Chefs. They can be regarded as the fore -father of this event.

We come across stuffed Mushrooms in many dishes today and why not this apparently edible fungus strikes our taste buds like no other. The process of preparing a stuffed Mushroom also is inspired by the history. First, the stems of the fungi are removed and then the caps are turned over and saute in olive oil or any other oil of your choice. Sometimes, the stems of the Mushroom are also used as ingredients along with other vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, Parmesan, Potatoes cheese etc.

It was during the the era of 1940’s and 1940’s that these Stuffed Mushrooms were started to serve as delicacies and there was no looking back after then. People have since then used and still cherish Mushrooms stuffed with their vegetables. Mushrooms can also be baked and enjoyed along side with a glass of wine.

National Stuffed Mushroom Day & Day of the Mushroom

People sometimes confuse the above two days as one term but this however not true. The Day of the Mushroom is celebrated on the October 15 as the day to honor its flavor. It is on this day that people consume 90% of Mushrooms in the U.S.A.

Mushrooms as Meat

Well, this term refers to the fact that Mushrooms are actually enjoyed by Vegetarians as a disguise for meat. This is because these Mushrooms are very gooey and fleshy just like Meat. So if you are a vegetarian by heart, here is a simple solution for you. Celebrate the Stuffed Mushroom Day and eat different kinds of Mushroom delicacies.

National Stuffed Mushroom Day 2021

The National Stuffed Mushroom Day will be celebrated on the February 4, 2021 as there are no changes in the date for the celebration. The main aim of the celebration is to spread the love for the taste of Mushrooms in the United States of America.

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