When to Break Navratri Fast? Confused? Well, it depends on how many days you have vowed to keep it for. The Navratri is starting from the 10th October and ending on the 18th October in 2018. If you are intending to fast during these days, you can check out over here full detail about Navratri Fasting. The Navratri Fasting is not very difficult as you can opt for the Falahar fasting which means having fruits for the whole day.

Also, the most significant fact about the Navratri Fasting is that you have to leave all the food that is made up of wheat. There are many benefits of keeping the Navratri Fast and the most prominent of all is getting blessed by Goddess Durga. Garba is also played during these days and you can select your song from here. 

Navratri is a festival that is celebrated with pomp and show all over India. People in every state have different rituals and tradition. You can check out how the festival of Navratri is celebrated in every state. 

History of Navratri Fasting

Navratri fasting is done according to the rituals that are described in the Vedas. The story of Navratri fasting is also very interesting. So, there was a Brahmin named Anath, he was an ardent follower of Goddess Durga. He had a daughter named Sumati who was extremely beautiful. She also worshiped Goddess Durga. Unfortunately, on one day, she was absent for the Puja, thus her father became very angry and decided to marry her off with a poor and sick man. To which she answered that, this is the fruit of her Karma and she is ready to bear it. She was married to a man but kept on worshiping Goddess Durga.

Soon, Sumati and her husband started living in a jungle in presence of ferocious animals. Seeing her in so much pain, Goddess Durga decided to appear and grant to her a boon for fasting for 9 days during Navratri in her previous birth. She asked for the health of her husband and hence her life was again filled with happiness.

Full Story of Navratri Festival

Here are 10 foods that you are allowed to eat during Navratri fasting.


when to break navratri fast

Our gut starts getting all happy when we talk about Potatoes but it is strongly advised to keep your consumption of potatoes in control as they are rich in carbohydrates. You should avoid frying them and even if you are doing so, just have minimal amount.

Rock Salt

navratri fast food allowed

It is prohibited to eat the the normal table salt during Navratri because it is processed and is actually evaporated and then achieved. The rock salt on the other hand is unprocessed and not treated chemically so it is advised to use only that.


vrat ka khana benefits

Yes, all sorts and kinds of nuts can be consumed during Navaratri fasting as they are considered pure. One should definitely have a handful of nuts everyday so that the protein levels of the body do not get disbalanced.


what to eat during fast navratris hindu

Fruits are always available in the natural form and thus are not prohibited during the festival of Navratri. These fruits are also offered to god and distributed to the devotees in the form of Prasad.

Chest Nut Flour ( Singhade ka aata)

navratri recipe fasting for 9 days

Wheat Flour is strictly prohibited if you are fasting during Navratri. On the other hand, you can have dishes made up of chest Nut flour. It is filling and many dishes can be made throughout the day for consumption.

Tapioca ( Sabudana)

what to eat during fasting hindus

Any dish can be made with the help of Sabudana. You can either make it sugary or consume it as savory. The Sabudana is all very interesting and can be had with Chutney and other kinds of sides.

Samak Rice

navratri vrat ka khana

If you are tired of having Roti and Pakodas, then you can even opt for a bowl of rice while you are fasting. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is not to consume white or brown rice but only Samak Rice.

Colocasia ( Arbi )

navratri fasting for 9 days recipe

The only vegetable that you are allowed to consume during Navratri is colocasia also known as Arbi in India. You can easily have it with Roti or Samak Rice. Remember, to always buy fresh vegetables from the market.

Fox Nuts ( Makhana)

navratri vrat ka khana

The fox nuts also called the Makhanas are rich source of magnesium and calcium. They are also rich in fibre, proteins and phosphorus. The Fox Nuts are very popular as fasting foods in India. You can blend with banana shake and have them.

Pumpkin ( Kaddu )

navratri vrat ka khana

This vegetable can be consumed during Navratri fasting. It does not take much of time to cook and can be eaten with Roti and Samak Rice as well.

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