Navratri Bhajan Songs are entirely different from the Navratri Songs, as the former is a way to pray to lord in a very peaceful way. In the disguise of Bhajans, one aims to achieve the connection with the almighty. While both are amazing in their own respective ways we are fans of Navratri Songs that also come handy while playing Dandiya and celebrating the Goddess Durga’s victory of good over evil. The Navratri Bhajans such as “ Pyara Saja Hai Tera Dwaar” can also be danced upon at Garba night as it supports both the purposes. You can either download these Bhakti Songs in Mp3 form or directly play them from YouTube.

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Navratri is starting from the 10th October 2023 and the end date for which is 18th October. These days will mark the “Shardiya Navratri” which will conclude in Vijaya Dashmi which will then fall on the 19th October 2023. The best Bhakti Songs for Navratri can be found from the ace Bhajan Singer and and appreciable Bhakt of Goddess Durga Narendra Chanchal’s album. He is famous for his powerful yet soulful voice which invokes spirituality in almost everyone listening to him. The Navratri has a deep in history attached to it origin which you can easily check from here.

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Bhor Bhayi Din Chad Gaya Meri Ambe

The Bhajan is sung by the great singer Narender Chanchal who is also the biggest follower  of Goddess Durga. The song was released in the year 2012 and was part of the album called ” Jagraata”.

Oonchiya Pahada Wali Ambe Maa

The Oonchiya Pahada Wali Ambe Maa is one of the best Bhajans of all time. The song is from the album ” Jagraata” and is sung by Narendar Chanchal. The powerful voice makes you want to sing along with the wordings everytime.

Sanu Chitti Ayi Hai

The Bhajan enchants you to sing along with it and probably dance as well. It has been by Narendar Chanchal and is from the same album called the ” Jagraata”. You should prefer listening to the older version.

Bigdi Meri Banade Oh Sherowali Maiyya

The Bhajan also has dance beats to it and thus you can also dance to it. It was released in the year Lakhbir Singh Lakhaa and was part of his own album. The old Bhajans are certainly the real gems.

Pyaara Saja Hai Tere Dwaar

This Bhajan has been sung by Lakhbir Singh Lakhaa and was released in the year 2005. Again, this Bhajan is perfect for both getting spiritually awakened as well as from the Dandiya and Garba perspective.

Maiya Ka Chola Hai Rangla

This Bhajan was also released in the year 2005 and was sung Lakhbir Singh Lakhaa. He teamed with T-series for a range of breathtaking Bhajans and all of them were quite hit and still continue to be so. It belongs to the album ” Tere Bhagya Ke Chamkenge Taare”.

Meri Ankhiyon Ke Samne Hi Rehna

The song has been sung by the evergreen singer ” Surinder Kohli” and was part of the album ” Pyara Saja Hai Tera Dwaare Bhawani”. The album released in the year 1997 and still continues to the best.

Jyoti Roop Jwala Maa

The album called ” Jagraata” consists of a number of Bhajans one of which is the above. It is a very very sweet number sung by the very own blessed Narender Chanchal who never fails to impress the audience with his blessed voice.

Jai Jai Jotaan Valiye Maa

One more number from the album Jagraata makes a place in the list of top 10 Navratri Bhajans because of the fact that it has been sung by Narender Chanchal. He is certainly the gem of the industry.

Maiya Ji Mere Ang Sang

The Bhajan will be on loop for many days once you hear it out. It also belongs to Narender Chanchal’s album ” Jagraata which released in the year 2012.

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