Full of surprises, high-tech innovation and eye on the future of gadgets and technology – some glimpses from Apple’s “Hello Again” surprise event that took place on the 27th of October, which was apparently being kept as a surprise – with little news going around circles as to what exactly the event will be about. We at Bee Bulletin had predicted that the event might have to do something with the launch of the next MacBook and that’s exactly what the center point of the event was.

The BIG take away…

Apple has announced it’s new range of Mac Laptops, almost after an year since the last MacBook’s were released.

The new MacBook Pro comes in two variants, the 13 inch and the 15 inch – which again as we predicted, are larger in screen size to the 12 inch MacBook launched in 2015.

MacBook 13 inch version has 2 shades to it; one comes with touch bar and one without, the latter is slightly cheaper and targeted with those customers in mind who don’t require the finger sensors.

The new MacBook comes with the innovative feature of Touch Bar with finger scanner which also enables instant emoji.

The touchbar puts forward the ideate of Apple to move forward with it’s technology as this event comes with a sense that Apple is still adhering to it’s ideology of moving forward with the modern and drastically changing world of technology.

What is touchbar?

  • With the touchbar, if you’re typing pumpkin; there’ll be an automation option to select a pumpkin emoji to go along with the message.
  • Of course though, there are many other aspects to the touchbar – one of which is the whole look of it, which makes the new MacBook range look posh.
  • The touchbar also comes with finger sensor, which makes the laptop unique to it’s user.

Anything about the Apple TV?

As we had predicted, Apple will not launch a variant to it’s already launched Apple TV but might announce some new additions to the existing Apple TV model and that’s what transpired.

Apple has introduced a new TV app which will unify the content that you watch across all the applications. The TV app will also be made available on the iPad and the iPhone. The app will be made available to users via a free update which should come later this year.

The futuristic guide

  • Adding to this, Apple is also working on making TV accessible through Siri voice navigation.
  • Say for instance, if you were keen to catch a cricket match but didn’t know the right app to download; you’d just have to say “England vs India, 1st test” and Siri will find the app streaming the match live.

The new MacBook – what’s special?

  • Touch Bar : As we’ve already pointed out, the touch bar in the new MacBook makes it stand out from the previous generation laptops from Apple. Not only is this touch bar a transition from old to the new; it is more convenient and with finger sensing it does give Apple MacBook a distinct look to it’s predecessors and competitors.
  • Larger screen size : the complain of Apple users from the last year’s MacBook was regarding it’s small screen size of 12 inch, which really wasn’t apt for long duration of work. With Apple keeping this in mind, the updation from 12 to 13 inch will please the customer base that has the option to not go for the touch bar and opt for the cheaper launched 13-inch“pro” version, which comes without the touch sensor.
  • LG 5K Display : Apple devices have been known for great viewing angles and the new MacBooks are no different. With LG Built 5K Display, Apple executive Phil Schiller’s words aptly define the display as “ultimate docking station”.
  • Price : The 13inch MacBook PRO without touch sensor was launched at $1499. The 2 MacBooks launched with touch sensor are priced at $1799 and $2399, for 13 and 15 inch version respectively.

Video: YT / Apple

Contributor:- Aditya Jha

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