Here we have the OK Jaanu Movie Review for the movie that released on 13 Jan 2017. Lead actors Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur alongside Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson are the highlights of OK Jaanu directed by Shaad Ali.

OK Jaanu Movie Review is an unbiased critique of the movie from a regular movie goer’s point of view. The opinion of the audience is divided on the movie’s plot and comparison with Mani Ratnam’s OK Kanmani. A love story that deals with two youngsters and an old couple fits snugly into the genre of romantic movies.

Here is our OK Jaanu movie review.

OK Jaanu Movie Review

OK Jaanu Movie Director: Shaad Ali

OK Jaanu Movie Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Leela Samson, Naseeruddin Shah, Kitu Gidwani

OK Jaanu Movie Rating: 2.5 stars

OK Jaanu revolves around the love story of Aditya and Shraddha who move in together in Aditya’s family friend, Naseeruddin Shah’s house. A remake of Ok Kanmani, Ok Jaanu is a heart warming movie. It has all the ingredients of a cute romantic love story. For someone who wants just that, OK Jaanu is a perfect weekend watch.

Good or bad: Good!

5 Things We Loved In Ok Jaanu

1. Naseeruddin Shah takes care of his wife who has Alzheimer’s in the most loveable way you can ever see on screen. When Aditya asks him how he manages to do all this, he says “Agar wo din mein ek baar bhi mujhe ‘Paplu’ keh ke bula le, pure zindagi ki energy wapas aa jaati hai. (As soon as she calls me Paplu, my pet name, even once in a day, all my life energy flows back into me)”.

2. OK Jaanu is a progressive tale. The actors break gender barriers in a very natural manner. There were moments that makes it shine out like a true 2017 year Bollywood movie.

3. A die-hard romantic would vouch for the genuineness of scenes between Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor. They were really cute.

4. OK Jaanu movie’s climax and ending show that love means growing together. The couple decide to go ahead with their careers and make a wedding a beautiful part of life; something that interferes not with their ambitions.

5. Aashiqui 2 fans who think Aditya and Shraddha are the best couple ever would love each time they share the screen.

Should you watch it?

Yes, if you like romantic movies.


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