Old Farmer’s Day 2019 – Hats off to all those who work in acres and not in hours. Well, our meals and lunches would not have been possible without them. Yes, we are talking about the very hardworking profession Farming. The United States of America celebrates the Old Farmer’s Day 2019 on October 12th annually to commemorate the hardworking effort of the old farmers who gave way to the new scientific techniques and modern methods. The Brunett Farms at Lorang La Road hosts the Old Farmer’s Day 2019 every year. Scroll below to know more about the history of the day and how to celebrate it.

Old Farmer’s Day 2019

It is rightly said that Farming is the noblest job in the whole wide world. It is a profession that needs perseverance because the job do not just end when the sun goes down but until the job gets done. The October 12th Old Farmer’s Day was a wonderful idea to honor such beings in our life. It also aims to motivate the new farmers to learn from the old farming methods.

old farmers day 2019

History of Old Farmer’s Day 2019

Long back in the year 1974, the Louisiana Draft Horse Association was found to promote fun and entertainment throughout the region. It was actually started with an aim to honor the main source of power of our ancestors ” Horse”. History also says that the association comprised of a total of 9 family units and soon these turned into 18 of them.

These families would meet every weekend and brainstorm about the activities and events associated with the Horses. Many other civilians would visit in large numbers just to get a glimpse of what was happening. Soon the draft association evolved the idea of celebrating the Old Farmer’s Day 2019.

The whole area of the Brunette Farm where in the event is celebrated is called the Holy Land. It is a large fenced area just behind the present day bandstand. The origins of another small units like the Biscuit Stand, FFA Horse Raffle and other booths dates back to the year 1973. There are many small booth of food and crafts selling shops in the premises as well. Eventually after some years, the members of the Louisiana Draft Horse Association dissolved and the Brunette family took over the event and the farm.

The Brunette Family has since then led the legacy of honoring old farmer’s of the United States of America in the month of October. They celebrate the day by learning and listening to farming stories by old farmers and honoring the staff of the farm.

old farmers day 2019

How to Celebrate the Old Farmer’s Day

The Old Farmer’s Day is a day to celebrate the one profession who we need about 3 times in a day. It is a great initiative to honor these noble men and we can sure be a part of it by celebrating at an individual level. Check out the ways in which you can celebrate the Old Farmer’s Day.

# Honor Retired Farmers of your locality

You can simply plan out a gift or card distribution campaign to thank all types of farmers living around in your neighborhood. Another idea is to silently leave thank you notes at the entrance of their house.

# Promote the Old Farmers Day

You can also celebrate the Old Farmer’s Day by promoting the event and spreading the word about the same. All you have to do is post blogs, talk about it and share the message through your social media platform.

#Visit the Brunette Farm

The best way to celebrate the Old Farmers Day 2019 is to visit the event’s birthplace. The Brunette Farm is situated at the Loranger Road in L.A. You can enjoy the various shows and food events that take place here on October 12th.

Old Farmer’s Day 2020

The Old Farmer’s Day 2020 will be celebrated on the October 12th, 2020 which is a Monday. This event is a national holiday in the United States of America which commemorates the work and efforts of all the old farmers. People usually celebrate the Old Farmer’s Day by honoring farmers and learning old methods and tricks from them.

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