Being a woman does involve a great deal of work. It has been around 400 years now, that women have been removing their body hair. We all desire the body modification and being waxed has become the most significant rule of our lives. Did you know? Researchers have found a hair removal recipe dated back to 3000 BC in Turkey. How cool is that?

Kim Kardashian too seems intolerant to painful methods and thus admits by saying that “I am Armenian so of course I am obsessed with hair removal”. One crucial thing to keep in mind is you should always moisturize and hydrate your skin after your hair removal session so as to ensure a smooth finish.

Painless Permanent Hair Removal by Laser

The laser light precisely targets thick hair leaving the rest of the area undamaged and is quite painless. After approximately 5 to 6 sessions, women develop permanent hair loss. According to WebMD, each session costs around 235$ per person. During the procedure you will have to wear an eye protection, also several ice packs and anti inflammatory creams will be used for your comfort.

Important Note: Please do not move around out in the Sun, the harmful rays can make the treatment less effective and also might cause damage to your skin.

Painless Permanent Hair Removal by Electrolysis

This method works by destroying the hair follicles so that the hair does not grow from the root itself.The treatment will last for approximately an hour. This is the one and only method that will provide you with 100% hair removal that too permanently. The required sessions cannot be counted as such because the treatment varies from person to person.This method will cost you $601 on an average.

Depilatory Methods

These are quite effortless and accessible but should be not be done all by yourself at the comfort of your home. A pricking sensation can be felt during the sessions but is not as painful as compared to waxing. Most of the depilatory creams are full of chemicals which are really harmful to the skin so you are advised to use this method only at the time of some kind of emergency.


You are probably aware of this one, a soft kind of razor and a shaving cream is used for this method. You can do it all by yourself too as it is quite undemanding. Not to forget this process is quite temporary and will make your hair more hard to remove by the next time of the shaving session.

Some steps to remember before your hair removal.

# Let the hair grow a little bit longer. Going for any method too soon will cause you to have under skin hair.

# Use all the medications prescribed by the doctor before and after your session.

# Always consult a trusted dermatologist for your condition.

# Ensure your lab technician is trained enough.

# Take opinion from one or two doctors.

# Do not panic while the process is on.

# Practice meditation to improve stress level before the treatment.

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