Styling your hair is undoubtedly equal to flattering your personality.One thing to always keep in mind is the fact that nothing is good in extremes . Afro lady, rightly says that less is more ! We all love cute new hairdos but do not do it often because coloring , braiding, dying can often cause drying, splitting and breakage. So you can always keep it simple and your hair will thank you later.

When heading for a party after a day at work, we tend to laze and our too tired to go the parlor and get our hair done .So, buddies we are here to the rescue. Choose the best hairstyle for yourself from the lineup below.

Side roll hairstyle

For this, you just have to comb your hair nicely and straighten your mane if it’s possible for you . Take a small bunch of strands from the either side and keep on twisting them till the back of hair. Secure the roll with a bobby pin .Tadaa you are absolutely done. For an enhanced look, you also wear a flower clip to conceal the bobby pin.

Triple braid bun

Sounds hard to handle but is quite easy and simple. Comb your hair and divide your hair into three halves tying all them in three ponytails. Braid them all up separately. Start the twisting with the center braid and secure it with a pin. Roll both of them respectively onto the center one respectively. Once you are done with all of this, roll a flower or pearl chain on your bun.

Go Kendall

This is perchance the easiest and breezy of em all. Just take some center strands of your hair and roll them up in a high bun. Straighten out the left out roots. This look is perfect for the time consumers.

Side over braid

Tie all your hair in a nice and neat side ponytail leaving out a few side strands. Braid them up and take them to the side of the pony. Secure them up with a tic tac or clip matching your dress or a pretty faux flower clip.

Straighten out

The best way to dash up yourself is to keep it easy as a pie . You need to straighten out your hair that’s all. Once you are done with the straightening, do not forget to apply some hairspray to secure the mane. You can style out the straightened hair as you like.

The Curled Pony

For this, you will have to first straighten up all your hair and tie them into a pony with a puff. For making the puff more remarkable, you can use puff enhancers or bum-pits which are available on Amazon for $ 5.99.
After you are done with all the pony stuff, just simply curl the ends of your hair with a hair curler and do not forget to protect them with a hairspray.

You can always use hair accessories for a party look. You can read my this article for more information.

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