Keeping a plant at your window does more wonders than any other stuff. It brings a bunch of advantages in your life such as helping in curbing respiratory diseases, keeping polluted air at bay and making your balcony beautiful too. Raising a plant makes you instantly attached to it and brings that kind of positive instinct in your life.

Here is a line up of the perfect list of house plants for your balcony.


A plant with an even beautiful appeal is one definite option that you should have at home. The purple color flowers will make your window charming as well as attractive. The plant is known to instill memory and treat insomnia, it also does help in reducing fatigue.

Money Plant

These are the most adapted ones in the home plant fraternity, you will find them in almost every house. There are a hell lot of reasons that you should too have it at home and some of them are as follows.

It absorbs radiations.
It attracts wealth.
It reduces stress levels.

Aloe Vera

This benefits of Aloe Vera are not unknown to any beauty queen nowadays. Besides being a part of everyone’s skincare regimen, it also does attract positive rays for your home sweet home. It is used as a guardian for us to protect us from enemies.


The plant is very influential in showing off negative energies from the house, it is believed that just by keeping it inside your home, it can help ward off all the disputable energies in the house.

Holy Basil

There is no doubt in understanding the fact that this plant is holy in nature. Goddess Basil keeps the house safe from negative attributes from outside and instills healing effects to the environment.


This beautiful looking white plant not only helps in the decoration of your home but also helps in the multiplication of spirituality. I bet you will start feeling more positive by just being in the presence of one such.


The plant has a beautiful aroma of its own that nobody can resist. If kept in the room it helps builds romance and instill positive energy in the couple’s relationship.

English Ivy

It is said that the plant reminds us of the directions of heaven. Moreover, it also heals and helps in the curing of respiratory diseases like that of Asthma.

Plants are pure magic, they are total givers and are guardians of the world. They have numerous amounts of benefits attached to them so it is never a decision that you will regret in life.

The other plants which fall in the lineup are Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Calendula, Orchid, Lucky Bamboo and much much more.

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