Perfume Day 2019 is celebrated on the 17th February every year and this time the day is going to fall on a Sunday. It commences just after the Love Week or Valentine Week 2019 and is celebrated as a weirdly joyful day. We all know the significance of each day of Valentine Week! But are we clear about the importance of the days after 14th February? Very few of us know about that.

Perfume Day 2019 History

The history of the Perfume Day is certainly unknown. The significance of which is unknown to many. This day does not even have a Wikipedia Page for it. People usually celebrate by exchanging perfume with each other.

Some people usually confuse the Perfume Day on 17th February 2018 with the International Perfume / Fragrance Day. To help you out of the puzzlement, we have given the difference between both the days with their respective significances.

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International Fragrance Day: The fragrance day is celebrated on the 21st March every year all over the world. It usually is celebrated during the spring season. This was the day when a number of fragrance retailers led brand promotions and social media campaigns.

Perfume Day – Valentine Week – The Perfume Day 2019 will be celebrated on the 17th February 2019 ie on Thursday this time. This day usually does not have any special importance but people celebrate this week as an Anti-Valentine Week and the perfume day is one part of it.

Perfume Day 2019 Celebration

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There are no significant customs and traditions related to perfume day so there are no limitations for the celebrations of Perfume Day. You can be as creative as you want to during the celebrations. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the celebrations which is a very convenient factor for everyone.

How to Celebrate Perfume Day

The Perfume Day Celebration can be on a larger scale or small scale all of it depends on your plannings. Although, the perfume day is celebrated during the Anti-Valentine Week or Hate Week. The day can also be celebrated in a very romantic way and everything depends on your creativity level. Below are some ways in which you can celebrate the Perfume Day 2019 on the 17th February.

  1.  You can bake a delicious cake for your bae, the smell of which will fill your life with immense love.
  2. You can gift each other amazing perfumes and fragrances.
  3. Decorate your better halves room with fragrant flowers like jasmine, roses etc for creating a romantic vibe in the room.
  4. You can simply gift them a fragrant flower bouquet on the pretext of Perfume Day.
  5. You can also decorate their room with scented candles so as to create a positive vibe inside your room as well as in your hearts.

Perfume Day 2019 Do’s and Dont’s

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According to a resource, the perfumes do not prove as a very good gift. It is believed that if someone gifts a perfume to their loved one, it causes tiffs and fights between them. Although, it is a superstition some people really follow them. Here are some do’s and dont’s that you can keep in mind while celebrating Perfume Day 2019.

  • Try to find and buy the perfume according to the wearer’s taste.
  • Do not give perfumes to someone whom you have met for the first time as it can give a wrong signal to the receiver about body odor.

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