I remember an incident and I would really like to share it with you, a couple of years ago my friend got a really expensive Eau de Toilette from Sephora and after she applied it, she always thought and regretted her decision. The scent would not last more than a couple of hours. Though the quality of the scent was more than perfect the main thing that is to always remember is to choose the product in a right way.

So here are some guidelines that should be kept in mind.

Never rub your wrists

I know you have heard of this method in a number of personality development classes but honestly saying this is perhaps the most widely rumored myth in the fragrance fraternity. Rubbing your wrist together will cause it fade away faster.

Check on the storage

Never collect perfume or colognes in your bathrooms, the constant heat and moisture will cause your perfume to lose its effectiveness and perhaps damage the radicals.

Use a blotting paper

We all have this habit of testing out our perfumes by smelling the fragrance directly from the bottle. The problem in this method arises when you want to check out the next bottle from the lineup and your nose becomes a confused and irritated chum.

Apply moisturizer before the scent

One possible way of keeping your aura last for long is to apply a good moisturizer on your skin. The infused grease in the lotion keeps the fragrance last for long.

Do not go overboard

Okay, pals, please understand that going extreme on scents is a strict no-no. We know sometimes we do scarce on our favorite perfume stock but that does not mean, we tend to over the board.

Never be in a hurry

I know we are so hungry and tired while we are shopping but it is best to have patience while you are looking for a scent for yourself. It is best to first apply the tester on the blotting paper and wait a few seconds before testing one.

Always choose what suits you

Never go a perfume owing to the reason that your friend is gaga over it. Always try and test and then come to the final conclusion.

Always differ in your choices

We are human beings and are trying out variations in everything is our birthright, so never stick with only option all your life. There are a hell lot of option in the market to choose from which might make you smell even more sexier than before. For instance, you can refer to this article.

Know the difference

Did you know that there are different options to go for when choosing a perfume for daytime and nighttime? If you are going for a daytime date with your beau, then you may opt for daytime specials and if it is for a nighttime date then sultry and sizzling options go the best.

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