Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2018 are also quite a hit and some of the best options are listed over here. One thing that everyone should remember is to not buy Cheap Plus Size Halloween Costumes because most of the time the quality is not good. The Halloween Costumes Plus Size For Men have a lot of options such as the Hulk and many others. Out of Woman’s Plus Size Costume, the most famous ones are the Disney Costumes and the Mermaid One. Always remember to choose your correct size of Halloween Costume. For instance, if it is 4x then choose 5x in any case.

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Halloween falls on the 31st October every year. Initially, the festival of Halloween was celebrated for 3 days on the context of paying tribute to all the fallen heroes and the near and dear ones who have died. The Halloween is also called a Pagan Holiday and there is reason for it which you can know from here. Halloween is best known for costumes and the Creepy Halloween Food. Some people also go for Halloween D.I.Y as it saves times and money, if you also want to go for it, then you can check options for Sexy Halloween Costumes and their methods of D.I.Y from here.

We still have ample amount of time to choose the Halloween Costume so lets start the hunt from here.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2018

1Gypsy Princess Costume

women's plus size halloween costume


The costume is inspired from the Jennifer Lopez’s costume from the song “Ain’t it Funny”. You can wear the dress with panache and behave like a princess in the party because you are one. You can buy it from anywhere between $49.11 and $64.99 from Amazon.

2Alice Costume

cheap plus size Halloween costume

The Alice in Wonderland Costume can be worn in the Halloween Party if you intend to be all cute and pretty. The package consists of everything that is needed to disguise as Alice in Wonderland. Keep your makeup subtle. You can buy it from anywhere between $50.87 and $67.08 from Amazon.

3Red Riding Hood

plus size halloween costumes 2018

Red Riding Hood costume is best for those who want to go through a nostalgia trip to their childhood. The whole dress consists of suede jacket, ruffled neckline as well as faux leather gauntlets. You can buy it for $64.99 from Amazon.

4Princess Fiona Costume

halloween costume plus size mermaid

The Princess Fiona costume package consists of the faux cute ears and the velvet dress. The crush soft velvety material will make you feel comfortable throughout the party. You can buy the dress from anywhere between $39.97 or $84.97 from Amazon.

5Harry Potter School Girl Costume

halloween costumes for plus size disney

If you are a fan of Harry Potter then this dress would be perfect for you. Be the Hermione Granger of your group. The package consists of cape, skirt and shirt etc. You can buy this from dress from anywhere between $47.44 and $55.52 from Amazon.

6Nun Costume

plus size halloween costume 5x

Go with the trend and choose to be the nun in the party. The nun package consists of collar, necklace, whip and cord. The wrap around dress is very flattering. Carry the nun costume with a scary attitude and scare everyone in the party. You can buy it from anywhere between $69.7 and $86.97 from Amazon.

7Caeser Costume

mens plus size halloween costume

Men can don the Caeser costume so as to disguise as the emperor of the Roman Empire. The dress consists of the drape, belt, headpiece and tunic. The whole dress is made up of Polyester. You can buy it for anywhere between $22.72 and $39.99 from Amazon.

8Clown Costume

plus size halloween costume 4x

The clown costume is always in trend no matter what year it is. It is one of the most funniest costumes out of all. The costume is best inspired from the movie “It”. The package consists of big clown drape, colorful hair, jackets, pants etc. You can also make this funny costume scary. You can buy it for $37.65 from Amazon.

9Jack Skellington Costume

plus size halloween costume 2018

This is the best Halloween costume from the list. You will be able to go on a nostalgia trip by wearing the Jack Skellington costume. The signature mouth stitches is the most amazing element in the costume. You can buy the costume for $49.99 from Amazon.

10Bumble Bee Costume

halloween costumes plus size 4x

If you want to be a funny in the Halloween party then you can chose to be the Bumble Bee. This idea will never go out of style. You can buy it for $18.55 from Amazon.

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