Working in the office is one thing and dressing up right for it is another. What you wear goes a long way in reflecting your attitude and efficiency. While some may like to believe that women need to stop thinking about “how they look” and instead focus on “how they work” in offices, the truth remains that be it a man or a woman, what you wear matters. In a  world where first impressions account for a lot, people may size you up or size you down, appearance and clothing need to be taken care of.

Here is a Women’s workplace fashion guide. Dress for success!

#1 Disregarding size and fit

A tailor made suit or blazer may not be easy to get, but even if you are buying clothes in standard sizes, get the one that fits you best. Baggy or extra large clothes make you look too easy going and unmindful. And too tight and on the edge of bursting will be uncomfortable above all. The right fit will make you more comfortable and confident. Also pretty woman, give some time and take your clothes to a good tailor who can customize the size to fit you well.

#2 The right cut

Corporate clothing calls for contemporary cuts. Your grandma’s overcoat is a big no to wear to your office. The right pleats, the right cut, the appropriate slit is a must for to get the cozy fit and the perfect look.

#3 What does your workplace want?

No fashion guru can tell you exactly what to wear, because the requirement list is dictated by the workplace culture. And that means you need to have a general idea of the nature of your work, the clients or officials you will be meeting and the message you want to get across to the people you meet. For instance if you are the company’s link with the clients, dress neat and smart. It shouldn’t be too show-offish or too timid. You want the client to feel comfortable discussing work with you. On the other hand if you are to meet big officials and big meetings, go for as much power clothing as you want. And my personal favorite in this regard would be the color black.
Also remember never to wear business casuals too occassionally.

#4 Flashy and trendy much?

If you are one of the young little species who thinks that workplace should be no excuse to go pink, you are wrong. The purpose of distinguishing workplace from a party floor or home is to create an environment where people can efficiently work. Summer dresses, gowns or shorts, however trendy they might be, is not appropriate for workplace. Even while chosing the color for your suits and blazers or skirts, be cautious. You don’t have to look too aged with brown and cream always, there are a lot of fun sober colors coming in the designs these days. Try them out in different styles!

#3 Where are you shopping from?

Although I am a big supporter of e commerce and thank the lord of internet to have made shopping so much easier. But in this one case I would strongly suggest to not buy office wear online. It is very important that you visit different brand showrooms, try it on and then buy the right office wear.

Women Office wear guide

And now that we have prepped you with how to avoid common workplace fashion mistakes, let us move on to some trendy new outfits that you can add to your workplace wardrobe.

What to Wear to Work

  • Pencil skirt
  • Slim fit trousers
  • Navy blue/black suit and matching trousers.
  • Sweater blazers that give a certain neat woolly look and are damn comfortable.
  • A silk A-Line dress (this is good for a office cocktail party too!)

For shoes, you can go for pumps or boots or even flats. Avoid clickety heels, they are pretty tiresome for others.

Accessories – Avoid jingling or chunky earrings and other accessories. Be simple and chic. A simple stud earring looks best.

Must haves in your wardrobe

  1. Plain white shirt
  2. Plain black trousers
  3. Black suit and trousers
  4. Business suit with a matching skirt
  5. Closed toed shoes

With these five things in your wardrobe, even in the most hurried mornings you can get dressed to look best!

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