Weddings are the most important day of our lives and being on the center stage we can’t lose to be the apple of everybody’s eyes at the wedding reception. Wait, Wait actually the cake at the function is the limelight dude. The cake cutting tradition signifies the union of two people and their love for each other, this ritual can be dated back to the medieval times.

Here is a list of the most beautiful cakes that you can probably consider. Sounds ironical but for me, the first priority is the presentation of the cake. I would never want to compromise with the quality and display of the cake. Scroll down to get awe-struck.

The flower love

Wedding cakes often have a number of tiers. You can try out a cake decorated with flowers horizontally. No matter what, this trend can never go out of style as it is a classic.

The imprints

I just came across the above picture and got overwhelmed just by the gaze of it. It was a very simple and uncomplicated cake with very beautiful imprints that depicted the couple’s love. Awww!

The fruit embellishment

Again a gorgeous white color cake which is sure to make heads turn. These are often fruit infused and are almost always garnished with a citrus fruit and a quirky flowers. Beautiful yet subtle.

The all-white classic

What is prettier than the color of purity? Yes, pals! I am talking about the white cake. Embedded with white flowers horizontally it is going to give you the feels of a fairy-like wedding.

The Me and you cake

Infused with the flavor of your choice, the cake often depicts your special moments. If given a chance, I would have gone for a chocolate ganache cake on which I and my beau would be sitting having our favorite mixed sauce pasta.

The aqua cake

If you are opting for this one, it is definitely going to lend some appreciations from your friends. This cake is often embellished with pearls top from bottom giving a really lavish and royal feel to it.

The ombre cake

The dress color of the bride and the groom can be depicted through the cake. On one side is the pretty train of the bridal dress and on either one is the dazzling tuxedo of the groom.

The beautiful rose and chocolate cake

We all know that red is the color of love. A beautiful and marvelous chocolate ganache cake decorated with red color embroideries like piping and pretty edible flowers is one to die for. It definitely indicates the beauty of love and companionship of the couple. The roses are an indication of how much both of them love each other.

The marble glaze cake

I have become a fervent fan of the marble glaze cake. The mirror-like effect accentuates the look of the cake and makes it look extremely angelic.

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