On 9th April, India got its new fbb Femina Miss India 2016 – Priyadarshini Chatterjee – after the lavish star-studded function at the Yash Raj Studio, Mumbai. She was crowned by Aditi Arya, Miss India 2015. Priyadarshini also got a gift voucher of Rs. 50,000 on the achievement of Miss India title.

Priyadarshini Chatterjee has won many other subtitles as well such as Miss Rampwalk, Miss talented, Miss Photogenic, and Miss Entertainer and proved herself most talented among all other 21 finalists. Priyadarshini will now represent India in Miss World 2016 competition.

This stunning beauty is from Assam who has done her schooling from Maria’s Public School, Guwahati. Later she came to Delhi and studied at Hindu College, Delhi.

Priyadarshini Chatterjee is the first Assamese girl who has won this title. She has become a real inspiration for young girls after winning this crown. The reasons why she is inspiring so many girls at such a young age are:

1. Priyadarshini Chatterjee is the first girl from Assam who has won the crown of Miss India. She sets a good example for other girls that they can achieve anything if they have faith in themselves.

2. Miss India title is not about beauty only but it is about being a beauty with brains; and that is just what judges found in Priyadarshini Chatterjee this year.

3. In one of the interviews, Priyadarshini shares that she has never taken any professional training for modeling and was working as a freelance model only. This describes confidence and belief that Priyadarshini Chatterjee has in herself.

4. After winning the title, she shared some inspiring thoughts and said that one should just believe in oneself, have faith in capabilities but at the same time also examine your own limits and work hard to surpass it.

5. She said that inner happiness is the most important thing and we should enjoy what we do.

6. She thinks, everyone can achieve anything in this life. So if anyone wants to becomes Miss India then you should give your best without fearing about rejection.

7. She says, keep the negative feelings and worries of results away from yourself and do your best.

8. Girls like Priyadarshini reflect the true and positive image of the nation in the eyes of the world.

9. Priyadarshini is a free soul who is ready to prove herself in any aspect of life.

10. Priyadarshini believes in the law of attraction and the quote by Rhonda Byrne ‘Ask, Believe, Receive‘ is her favorite quote.

11. For her, love is a priority and most beautiful emotion which is needed for survival.

12. Priyadarshini feels that a woman should understand her self-worth and should be charming and smart.

13. She said that she admires a man who is loyal, genuine and respectful to women.

14. She will represent India at the International level in Miss World 2016 competition.

15. She has not only won the Miss India title but has won many other titles in the competition and prove herself best among other participants.

16. When she asked about the qualities a Miss India should possess, she answered: Miss India should be the one who is true to herself and her personality should reflect who she is. This answer shows her confidence in herself.

We all wish her good luck for the Miss World 2016 competition and expect that she will win it for our country.

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