The Champions of the inaugural season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi, Jaipur Pink Panthers represent the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan in the league. Led by Navneet Gautam and coached by Kasinathan Baskaran, the team is owned by renowned Indian actor, Abhishek Bachchan.

Team Name  Jaipur Pink Panthers
Location  Jaipur
Team Owner  Abhishek Bachchan
Team Coach  Kasinathan Baskaran
Team Captain  Navneet Gautam
Home Venue  Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur

Jaipur Pink Panthers Players

Retained Players: Jasvir Singh (Raider); Rajesh Narwal (All Rounder)

All Rounder: Shrikant Tewthia; Ran Singh; Parvesh Bhainswal; Parveen Narwal

Defender: Wei Yang; Rohit Rana; Amit Hooda

Raider: Masayuki Shimokawa; Mahipal Narwal; Shabeer Bappu; Tushar Patil; Lo Chia Wei; Amit Nagar

Jaipur Pink Panthers Team Stats

Total Match  44
Wins  22
Losses  18
Draw  04

Jaipur Pink Panthers Raids

Total Raids 1813
Successful Raids 602
Unsuccessful Raids 429
Empty Raids 728
Successful Raid Rate 33%

Jaipur Pink Panthers Tackles

Super Tackles  46
Successful Tackles  381
Unsuccessful Tackles  627
Successful Tackles Rate  38%

Jaipur Pink Panthers Cards

Green Cards  7
Red Cards  0
Yellow Cards  2


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  1. First of all reservation is not for poverty reducing program. It is for socially backward ppls. now as you r from general category you won’t know the social condition of reserved category in INDIA. for that purpose whenever you will meet any new person who don’t know anything about you and ask you about ur category tell him that ur sc/st then see the difference in his behaviour and last but not least I will leave my reservation or never take the benefit of it if you are ready to Marry ur sister to any reserved category person.

    1. We will discriminate obc,sc,st until u Wiil stop taking reservation and as per u marrying a lower cast girl or boy is the profff that we are equal so why don’t u aa try to stop becoming like guilty

      1. Who de hell tell u that I’m guilty for it?as u said that u will discriminate obc sc st shows not only ur but also ur families, ur communities and ur so called great Indian culture muck mindset. marrying lower cast girl or boy actually bring u to real social condition in our society and as ur forefathers had started that system based on cast and had advantage for centuries then u have to act first to stop it not to make such meaningless argument and not to cause discontent among the ppl. Till 1977 reservation was just like may be. It became must in that year. Till then many of States and government authority even doesn’t applied in any of there recruitment. and ur jealous of our only 40 years of our prosperity.As author had said that all his lower cast friends had better college than him though he had much hardworking than that does not implies he got better marks than other.For ur reference except tamilnadu state every other state and even central gov don’t have reservation more than 50% though the population of obc sc st is about 69 %.and now government had policy that u can’t take seat from open category if ur applied from reserved category actually ppl from open category are getting advantages.

        1. Excuse me sir, there is more than 50% reservation for SC ST and OBC in all government colleges. I am an engineering student, all NITs, IITs, GFTIs have 50% reservation. Also they have the right not only to take that 50% only, they can take general seat as well!
          Who are you to say your 40 yrs prosperity, ages of tolerance. You are born in the age of prosperity, enjoying it and want to enjoy more. What do you want to do with past? Look towards the future and present. OBC have totally equal satus to general category! They have the capacity to do well. Take the example of Kalpit Veerwal, he belongs to an above average family, he has OBC as well as SC category certificate. But he is a very good student, everyone accepts it. Why is it the need for you people to get mercy for admission. the presence of foolish people in top officials of the country due to reservation is ruining the country. Reservation is another form of Caste System. Now the General Category are deprived.
          Also why the SC ST don’t have NCL? Do they never become rich. The politicians are idiots and selfish to make this system still alive.

          1. Their population is also more than 50% sir,thats 70% .No system is perfect ,there should be measures to control misuse .The other side is ,those parents maybe the first generation who used reservation ,if their children are educated enough , i agree they should come out of the ambit.

          2. O my god save the OBC. i am a Gen candidate just give me hell ,and give all the prosperity to this so called great OBC community . What a discrimination and injustice with us. Revlation is very near in north.

          3. excuse me i cant find the point ur arguing with,ur just painting in the air .This discussion doesnt change anything jus give ur perspective ,no need to whine here

          4. the country become over populated only because of reservation.the reserved category procured many children so got government jobs easily and earned without labor. oc category declined so they don’t had job even with qualification

          5. I dont think ur rit population is nt nly bcoz of reserved category people……dat is a common factor nd cannot b decided by anyone….its d person’s individuality nd self decision irrespective of vat category he /she belongs to… ..nd i think dis cant b decided by u r me..

          6. if so why oc category gone under 1% of population.because they were not given reservation

          7. Bt i dont think dat dis oc’s population gone under 1% is nt d mistake of reserved category people …..nd i think u cant blame dem in anyways….u must question d govt…. nd nt d reserved category, u agree dat reservation is important rit …..!!!(bcoz i think ur last sentence says dat…)it says dat u also require reservation!!!so i think u also expected reservation of oc???isn’t it!!

          8. Utter nonsense. not matching to census. check the facts and figures and then comment, else quit.

          9. over census is not by caste-wise.if you made by caste wise then you can understand how the rate of growth in each caste.

          10. In every system and schemes certain undeserving elements will be there. It does not mean that scheme is bad. If more than 50% reservation is there, but for how many percentage of people.It is for 85%. Of course politicians have messed it; but who is to blame for. politicians are not falling from the skies. They are the peoples’ representatives. People are voting for them. And people gets the govenment which they deserve. What ails the Indian society is its culture. so, unless the social transformation is brought about, India is not going to be developed for many more years to come. This is the naked truth. And, for centruries together some people are enjoying reservation, and it was tolerated; now only just over 70 years have passed since the introduction of reservation scheme and some people are obsessed. How many temple pujaris even now are from resserved categories? Is not that an exclusive reservation for certain categories? Think it dispassionately.

        2. isnt this funny? i am not saying against your point vishal sir but mathematically speaking how and how are the general people at advantage? just as reserved cant take admission from general category, even the general cant take admission from reserved category :p

      2. ur comment is offensive u know that, it attracts penal action.To put some sense to u ,if i may,reservation – marriage what are u talking about,out of the point

        1. lol true that… ashok jain needs to know what to speak and most importantly what is right. discrimination sure isnt. reservation back in 1940s was ok… today probably not

    2. Abe tum jaise log ke karan seats reserved rehta hai less talented gets into the most prestigious institute now what you will say on this. I you all have guts then come in general competition. Why do you need help of any kind of reservation. And sorry to say because of all these kinds of reservation India is progressing at slow rate. But siiting here we cant do anything because these category are vote bank for dirty politicians.

      1. Dekho Bhai kon kar raha hai reservation ki baat. Jinke baap dada ne hazore sallo se reservation liya hai aur Aaj bhi le rahe hai WO. Brother kisi bhi mandir me Jake dekh lo waha par kis ko reservation mil raha hai.waha par koi sc st obc nahi hota.mandir me donate hone wala sab paisa sab gifts kon khata hai sab ko pata hai.

        1. Sahi bat hai…. Inko kya pata…. Competition hongi jarur Hongi…
          LEKIN TB SB KI Starting Line equal honi chahiye….. Fir honga asli race merit ki merit ke sath …..

    3. So u say, that those working hard doesn’t deserve the fruit of their hard work bc they r general. And I give a frowning face to sc st and obc, bcz they took my seat, my seat for which I have worked hard. I got 90 marks and some one with 50 marks, whose dad is govt officer make through the institution leaving me behind bc he is suppressed. God knows, how r they suppressed

      1. u understand that people enjoying reservation forms around 70% of the population.That there are people who cant get even 50 marks u consider isnt hardworking,there is as much competition on the other side.They didnt take ur seat if i may correct u you are one of 30% of ppl enjoying 50% +women reservation .i think u should study even harder

        1. Ur rit nd i also support u pranay vikas.U may b rit animesh prabhakar….bt ex in reservations r in a very less percentage ….v can occupy only a very less seats ….comparing 2 ur general quota…

      2. this is also reason for brain drain.think if you cannot work anywhere but in india in this reservation system most of the peoples might become terrorist.

    4. sir its a discussion, no need go personal,just give ur arguement not ur marriage proposals

    5. I support vishal…i think he is rit nd
      practical.. im a sc candidate….even if u people r ready 2 marry also ur parents will b a bar….so…our education is d only support for us 2 come up in life..yah…ur crt sc 60 percent boss nd general 90 percent employees….bt u know something….v will have nly one boss in our family nd other wll b farmers nd others wll b doing some small businesses….with less profit or many times even with no profit….nd many of us will b d first graduates in our whole family…

        1. Yah sir i know dat v r not talking abt marriage proposals..nd actually dat is nt my point….bt dat was jst an example…nd dey r the effects aftr studies….nd dat plays a major role in everyones life…nd these r also included in d society’s problems…

          1. i don’t think to condemn you mam.slightly, think why should you feel that other community should marry to upliftment in your life.that is decided by you mental calibre.

          2. No..i already told u dat marrige is nt my concept or either my point . Ok…it was jst an example

      1. well pavithra… i think we all need to change our perception and approach about each other… also i dont believe how the fact that the rest of the family members are engaging in small business… they too have the complete right to study and do well in life. no school or college bars people from taking admission if they have 90% (a rough figure) marks irrespective of their caste

    6. it is your intelligence,mental calibre,character make others to love.not even by 1000years reservation.the world accepted Dr.ambedkar not because of his caste,A.B.J.Abdul kalam not because of his religion.

  2. Reservation is a bane, wherein everytime people of such categories gets the advantage of securing seats in colleges and even in the corporate or govt sectors. All the general quotas are just fighting for their seats. Now except for general quotas we have all the quotas from the SC,ST’s OBC’s, Jain minority, Sikh minority , Christain and muslim ,Kashmir migrants. Then we hear that even the jats want their quotas who are considered to be a wealthy community and then the patels want quotas who are mostly having farmhouses and they are in USA. Then there should be quotas for Baniyas also. We consider INDIA to be a secular state and equality is the main step but for the admission only alll the reservation starts and in some University they call first the reservation categories they ll occupy most of the seats and for us who belong to the general category have no choice but to go for outside delhi college.
    I think that reservation should be completely abloished if we think of equality otherwise people will use advantage of this .

    1. firstly reservation is not there in corporate sector,secondly the notion of being secular belongs to religion not caste system and thirdly the goal of reservation is to promote equality by helping all those to start from the same line in the race.Those castes are impaired in many ways more than income.

      1. True..but reservation should be banned..if reservation has to be given to make all children equal in the should be economically..

        1. im repeating the exact same point,income isnt the area in which reservation work,it goes into cultural -social backgrounds of the groups.In that case income shouldnt be the criteria.

          1. NOT all socially backward people are poor, so how can on the basis of just caste , he/she fall into reserved category. it should totally be on the financial base.

          2. in principle poverty programmes like employment schemes,insurance schemes,health schemes apply to all the poor people in all castes equally.But more than income the pppl from these castes face social discrimination which is not in case of the poor of higher castes.They have been denied education ,human rights,right to business historically over centuries.

          3. you are a funny man pranay vikas… they have been denied education rights… that’s awful…. entirely far too often… but to make it better reservation is not the solution… they just need an equal standing… if that’s the case fund them and provide them with a good school… cause i believe everyone is of nearly the same intelligence in primary kg… instead of reservation on the name of caste system and its prejudices they could actually make their future… you think i ask my friends which caste they belong to…. no one does that anymore we are living in the 21st century. it was just yesterday that i came to know my friend is a part of sc when he manage to get into iit b with far more less marks than me… life is sad… lets not make it sadder by encouraging age old and awfully impractical concepts like reservation

          4. im just lost in ur long essay man but could you clarify about building good schools,seperately for them.That means ur removing them altogether from the social mix thats already been taken care from centuries.Knowing about the caste group doesnt change anything,u feel caste divide diminishes in this century but truly, how many have caste bias in marriages dont u hear honour killings.suicide is another earth bro it has lot to do with the quality of the system adjusting to pace in this century

          5. nope…. of course there shouldn’t be a separate school for them that defeats the purpose of abolishing reservation altogether… they should be admitted in all the normal already existing schools. and that should be funded by the government and anybody else who wishes to contribute to such a noble cause

          6. also i would like to add something here… in a population as huge as ours you can not expect everyone to be equally civillized and having an open mind… so there are some cases of incidents as you mentioned and it is miserably sad. but then there are individual cases and then there is a huge population i.e. the entire sc/st/reserved sectors doesnt undergo honour killing… remote places with less law and order is where most of injustice takes place. if i had enough sense and power i wouldnt eradicate any kind of discrimination… but that is a slow process… but reservation in itself is a form of discrimination

          7. Why not? Why should a wealthy sc st or obc should get the seat, whose parents are in officer rank.
            Tell me how r they backward, how r they suppressed?
            On what basis, reservation for them is justified?

      2. Over here we arent for debate.. You put your points and i ll put mine.. You think it in a good way thats great but what i think and what you think wont be the same.. I have the freedom to pin point the things i want to put forth.. There are many people who misuse such things.. i do agree that there might be socially backward people but others are also there who have the required income or even more but they use this and dont even study..

  3. i agree with him reservation not fully bane its continue for those people whose financial is not good . because today almost most of the cases misuse of reservation takeplace …lots of dont do workhard even that they get job i also fall in reserve catogory obc but even though every citizen haave a equal right in every thing then why we saw partiality here those student who do work hard but they never got a gud result .what is the reason of that .our honorable pm modi ji must move on that line for solving the student problems .reservation is the only reason for that lot of student got sucide every .

  4. i agree with u sir reservation must be provided on the basis of financial system this system of reservation is not helping our society ,the one who is in great need for upliftment are out of this policy,for eg the sc boy living in a village,is not benifitted ,the scenario is totaly diffrent from what it is at the time of drafting constitution,now it has been changed mostly general category people are poor ,so they must remove the reservation or our government should provide the reservation on the basis of financial condition of family.

  5. Reservations should definitely be banned … At least for admission in colleges and securing jobs … When two children study in the same school.. and given same opportunity what’s the point to give her/him(sc/st/obc candidate) admission in top colleges and that general candidate who even scored more and is more hardworking … Has to take admission in not so called good colleges .. and same with the case of govt jobs..

  6. Those who are crying against reservation should understand the social stratification in the country. Some people were having reservations for centuries together. some were deprived it for centuries together. The present reservation is also based on the present population of the respective social segments more than that they are not getting. Those who are against reservation should confine their aspiration as per the poppulation of their clan. they should not peep in others window.Reserved category students are also the stake holders of this country. Their forefathers were deprived of basic aamenities for centrutries together. Hence, they cannot compete with other categories whose forefathers were shamelessly enjoying all kind of amenities depriving others without any obstacles. Now after independance Indian people have resolved to do away with this disparities. As per constutional Scheme of things Equality and equal opportunities for all is the concept. Can the children of lower caste hutment colony compete with the children of ambanis and Adanis on equal footings and if so who will be successful. There can not be a race between lame and healthy boys from the same spot. All are equal before law. But equality should be amongst equals. Euality amongs inequals in itself tentamounts to inequality. Mind this. And be tolerent for the sake of national growth. No country can prosper keeping sizable population as backward. If country is to be progressed those who enjoyed fruits without any obstacle should understand this and mind their own business. Discussing this topic in open may also lead to social unrest hence those who are discussing this in open should also be careful in raking up such issues.

    1. kindly read my reply to pranav vikas as well as my own comment… and post that here is what i am going to say… tell me my friend if you had to employ someone would you believe in the proficiency and skill of the person or the caste of the person… lets put that aside as you will question that people of the lower caste will need an opportunity to be able to gain such proficiency… so i am going to ask a much more fundamental question. on what basis are the boys in the slums weaker as compared to the ambani boys… financially and environmentally am i correct? so that’s where help should be provided… right at the beginning. giving them easy way to come up helps no one other than probably the government who earn their support at the cost of general category.

      1. economically ,socially, as well sir.There is a term called inclusive development sir,slum boys as u said dont have a father as dirubhai, who would guide and encourage them. swacch bharath around their area and providing 10 k or 20k doesnt change anything along as their range of aspirations doesnt change

  7. I do agree with him.
    One of my friend (SEBC/OBC) , is enjoying her vacation , but I being in general category, sitting at home and studying for my master’s admission in better college.
    I am not against reservation, but if its on the basis of income. Not all the general category people are capable of provide financial support to there children and Not all reserved categories are financially weak.
    According to me, it would be better if the reservations are made on the basis of family income.May be at that time we would not feel like injustice happening to us.

    1. im pretty sure the amount of well settled ,earning backward classes are in a miniscule amount compared to the others.we are talking about some odd 80-90 crore people denied help if reservations taken away in realising their full potential

        1. then it would be any other poverty eradication programme which are already in place.There is more to it.

          1. poverty cannot be eradicated but can be alleviated by reservation to BPL.

          2. whats the point in having another poverty alleviation when problem is extra complex and need to go deeper than just income level

        2. Reservation is not poverty elimination programe. It is a matter of representation. Mind it.

    2. Reservation is not a poverty eradiction scheme. It is a matter of representation in the Government functiong. So, economic criteria is myth.tomorrow likes ambanis children too may produce economically back word certificate.

  8. Reservation is the core reason ,why the govt machinery does not work. Every Govt office/department has two groups , the Reserved and the General. The reserved employees group thinks that they will get due pay and promotion even if they don’t work , by virtue of their reservation status. The general group thinks that they will not get get their due promotions even if they work hard. So both groups sleep .

    1. It is also reason for corruption in govt. office because the reserved categories always try to bribe for getting jobs.after getting jobs they also getting bribe.

      1. bribing or getting bribed both are offences and there are inter departmental penal action mechanisms in place against all such officials equally to all of them.That doesnt mean a student economically,sociallyand culturally handicapped and discriminated shouldnt be denied a fighting chance in having a prosperous life(prosperous here doesnt mean wealth accumulation)

      2. Reserved category people do not indulge in corrupt practices because they come from honest families and secondly they do not have the machinary to suppress corruption unlike their general category counterparts.

    2. Utter nonsense, in fact reserved candidated in government are posted at the insignificant places mostly. They are the people who work deligently others are engaged in office politics and so on. Resevered categories are always harassed disgraced in the respective offices by their general cateories counter parts.Hence your contention is quite immature.

  9. here is what i think would make for an excellent alternative for reservation… only and only fee waiver for the financially weak section… reservation falls under the beliefs and principle for communism… and as delightful as it sounds, uplifting the weak at the cost of the strong is not only unfair but also detrimental to the society as a whole… think about it the lower the cutoffs are for the reserved categories the less harder shall they work thereby reducing the quality of the candidates the most esteemed institute take i… people fail to realize this system helps no one other than some petty political leaders who manage to win the trust of the less fortunate… suicide isn’t a very simple topic to talk about… but have you wondered who commits suicide… nah its not only those general class kids whose hard efforts haven’t borne fruits due to this ruthless system of nomenclature we call education, but also the students from those reserved categories who find it hard to cope with the level of the education and their far more brilliant counterparts… and those brilliant counterparts… they too end up taking it easy as they are already above 60% of their batch mates… educations is what guides all human to the future of their aspirations and hope… only and only merit should be considered and not the caste,creed, language, religion and other narrow barriers that have managed to invade our society’s perceptions and beliefs. we all are equal… if you honest want to help the less fortunate… fund their education wholly, so they dont have to worry about what they will eat the next day and can focus on studies and earn the seats at those reputed institutes that they have received today only due to them being born as who they were… instead of who they actually are as a person. lets bring a change

    1. why do u talk about financially poor ,thats not the only criteria.The knowledge,awareness about opportunities,and the quality of ppl around u while u grow up changes and that nurturing childhood is not present around these people.if they are given chances in education,employment ,business they could create that.We as the present generation keeping aside these patriarchal attitudes about about how they should study,how much marks they should get .Should help and guide them instead not wishing away the system altogether

      1. pranay do you believe that being in a middle class family/ upper class/ moderately rich family means you know everything about opportunities… i had to read up most of what i need to do online and the rest from school or college… our parents have their own jobs to do…. quality of people that matters the most is your class mates and teachers mostly… my parents arent affluent in english… they usually speak in their mother tongue yet i manage to atleast decently express my thoughts in words. my point being is that such institutions like primary and secondary school should be provided and financial funding should be provided than on every student has to fight his ow battle… by helping a weak student in the class to solve a problem you dont make him brilliant… but if he manage to work hard ad solve it on his own he will be able to teach it to everyone if the need ever arises, i hope you understand…

        1. I think if u can’t bann on resirvation than give us RIGHT TO CHANGE THE CAST than all matter will solve

        2. yes sir,that is already is being done that is why there are govt schools ,kendriya vidyalays etc.I firmly believe ur life isnt same as theirs.There is no discrimination in any area to u like buying land,setting up business,pursuing higher studies maybe abroad.u have freedom of choice of profession.They only get help in govt sector not in private for ur realisation.Our country is going private and foreign companies setting up which see only merit.There are teachers and peer groups atleast to help u

  10. And this is the reason why india is still a developing country because of the quality of students , there are very few students who actually make the most of their reservation advantage but almost all the category people get prestigious institutions and thus the institution doesn’t gets the deserved students.
    sad truth india needs to awake!

      1. Why so? are reserved category students not qualifying the Medical exams. some may be getting their scores higher because of their connections. marks in practicals are awarded means of pating on the back and in the process to ensure whether thread is there or otherwise. If thread is there then you are sure to get more marks despite your performance. Is this the merit? And you talk of abolishing reservation atleast in medicals. skills are acquired by continuous practice. And who ever is qualifying the exam irrespective of percentage is capable of pursing the respective stream. Hence stip talking of stoping reservation here and there.

    1. Prestigeious Institution remains prestigeious as long as they impart quality education. For so many years they are inducting undeserving students per your version then how come they remain prestigeous even with those undeserving students! As a mattter of fact all students who qualify exam irrespective of their percentage are deserving.All the fields, in India take it education, sports, media, industry etc. are occupied by so called meritorious people and what is the situation of Indian society? Discrimination, exclusion , partiality, atrocities. Are these the acts of undesrving stidents? Nay, nay not. It is the society, Indian society, culture which is reponsible for it and unless there is a drastic change in Indian culture, India will remain developing. Hence aware, and do not blame the so called undesrving students from poor communities. They are more deserving than any body else to run the country.

  11. see you agree right… a person of that caliber hasnt been selected and thats what hurts me the most… to uplift the downtrodden if we start suppressing the general category that is outrageous…i will give you my own example and you will probably relate more… my friend got 123 marks in jee advanced 2 years back and he didt even make it to the rank list(124 was the cutoff) and for sc/st the cutoff was only…………….. wait for it……………………. 62 marks… it is entirely inhumane

    1. Yah ur rit sir….according 2 me a person wd gud marks irrespective of any caste must b selected…..

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