How to Protect hair from Colors is the main concern of every girl who is heading to the Holi Celebrations. Well, no matter how much you say the Colors are herbal, they are ought to have some chemicals or other for sure. Hence, you can never go out with bare hair to play Holi. This year, Holi will fall on the 18th March 2022 which is a Friday. Some people do not apply hair oil on a Friday, they can easily apply it a night before on the 17th March 2022. If you are facing other concerns regarding the what should we do before Holi or what to apply before playing Holi that matter. Dont worry because we will stick by you with ways on How to Protect Hair from Colors.

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According to me, the best thing you can do to protect your hair from colors is to cover them all. While everyone likes to keep their hair open and flaunt their manes in the pictures. It is best not to. Here is how you can protect yourself from holi colours. Here are some do’s and dont’s that you can follow to keep the colors at bay.

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Here is a list of answers to the question what to apply to hair before playing Holi.

How to Protect Hair from Holi Colors

Hair Serum

how to protect hair from colors

It is available on Amazon for Rs.190  and is perfect for your frizzy hair. All you need to do is to apply a leave-in conditioner or hair-serum like this on your hair an hour before. Livon is a household name and thus you can trust the quality of the product.

Wear a cap or scarf onto your head

how to protect hair from color

If you want to save your hair from colors and want to look awesome as heck too, then just cover your head with a scarf. This will save your hair from accumulating dry colors onto the scalp. You can buy scarves and bandanas from any street market at reasonable prices.

Tie a braid

how to protect your hair from color

Be the Kim Kardashian of the Holi party and tie a pretty braid of your hair. It will not only save you from all chemically laden colors but will also help you look stylish.

Try to use organic colours

how to protect your hair from color You can also buy the colors from Amazon for Rs.270. No matter how much you try, colors that are sold in the market always have a little bit of chemical in them. If it is possible for you, please make organic colours and use them. You can check out this article for the recipe of making organic colors at home.

Use sesame Oil

how to protect your hair from colors

Natures Absolutes products are something that you can trust. You can use some amount of the Natural Absolutes Sesame oil or of any brand that you like 20 minutes before playing Holi to protect your skin from the Sun. Buy for Rs.249.

Now, that you know what to do, you also need to be aware of what to not! Hence are some things that you should not do before playing Holi.

Things that one should not do Befori Holi

Do not wear any hair accessories

how to protect your hair from colors

We know you want to look like a diva on the Holi party, but please neglect wearing any hair accessories for the sake of protecting them from breakages. For instance, if you wear a hair clip and it gets tangled because of all the color then it is certainly going to cause breakage. Hence, avoid that, please.

Do not leave your hair untied

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

Keeping your hair all flowy and untied can prove to be very harmful to the health of hair. The colors can actually take a toll on them, hence please please do not keep them open at any cost.

Do not blow dry your hair

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

Of course, you are going to a party but it’s not that usual one. It’s a holi party and therefore any kind of heat styling is a strict no-no. Just think about it, your hair is obviously going to be tickled with colors then why to damage them with that amount of heat?

How to Remove Colors from Hair after Holi

Here are some insights on what to do after Holi to remove colours.

Use cold water only

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

We know it’s still a little bit cold outside but do not let that melt your heart at all. Rinse your hair with cold plain water first.

Massage your scalp

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

Instead of using chemical laden shampoo, use a Herbal shampoo like this one from the Himalayas Protein shampoo range and slowly massage your scalp with your fingers to get rid of all the colours. Buy it for Rs.148..

Use Aloe Vera

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

Make a batter of Aloe vera gel and massage that into your hair and leave for at least 5 minutes before washing it off.

Go for a Hair Spa

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

Your hair is ough to become very rough and unmanageable due to all the foreign colors that people throw at each other and after that rigorous washing, they loose all their nutrients and shine. So , best bet is to give them a break and go for a hair spa if its is feasible for you.

Castor Oil to the rescue

how to protect your hair from colors on holi

After playing Holi, you can heat castor and coconut oil and apply it onto your hair. Now, take a wet towel and wrap it around your hair. Squeeze the water after 5 minutes and then wash your hair. This process will nourish and cleanse your hair. The above product will work wonders for your hair. Buy the Natures Absolute cold pressed Castor oil from Amazon for Rs.190.

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