I can totally understand the pains of every girl who walks out of the house every morning to work or school. Whenever I head out of my house for office I try to always cover my face with a scarf. But guys, honestly saying it does not help to the extent in which we want it to.

All the smoke, dust and dirt accumulate on our skin and clog all our pores. The effects of pollution on our skin are really harmful, if exposed regularly it can have permanent effects on the skin. We cannot help the pollution much but can definitely take ample care of our skin.

Here are some ways in which you can protect your skin from all the contamination.

First things first

You can wear a scarf over your head and drape it all over your face for the added protection. Make sure the cloth of your scarf is cotton ish so as to avoid all the sweat.


Make it a point to wash your face with a good face wash as soon as you step into your house. Do it even before you have a glass water, this way it will help you get rid of all the dirt that has been accumulated on your facial skin.

Apply sunscreen

Never compromise with this ritual at any cost. Always apply sunscreen on your face, neck, chest and every exposed part of the body to save yourself from the ruinous damage.

Always remove makeup

When you come home after a day at work, you are ought to feel lazy and tired but try not to skip this step because all the dirt can mix with the makeup and have a disastrous effect on your skin.

Hydrate yourself

There is no better habit than having water at regular intervals. The water flushes out all the toxins from the body which in turn cleanses the skin from within.

Home DIY

This one is tried and tested, blend some curd and besan in a bowl and scrub your face with this batter every alternate day. You will get mesmerized by the results.

Aloe vera to the rescue

Take up some aloe vera and gently rub some on a cleansed face before sleeping. If possible, please try to use a fresh aloe vera that has been plucked out from the plant. Wash your face after good 10 minutes. Do this regularly and see the results.

Avoid the peak hours

If it is possible for you, avoid going out in the extremely peak hours when all the roads are jampacked and thus possibly emitting a lot of harmful gases.

Try to have foods and fruits that are rich in antioxidants

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