Here are few beauty tips that really works for your nails, lips and eyes.

For your nails

After you have kept a nail polish on for long or used the wrong cheap nail polish, your nails get yellowish. A home made tip – Rub toothpaste on your nails to make them white again. If needed you can also use lemon. They act as bleaching agents and voila! You will have white clean nails again.


For gorgeous nails, you need to do follow the steps. Don’t worry, you just need soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, warm water, towel, nail polish remover, cotton, nail cleaner (is also a part of most nail cutters).

  • Use the nail cleaner to remove hard dirt from under your nails. Be careful, don’t hurt yourself while using the sharp object.
  • Take a little toothpaste on your toothbrush, use warm water and clean your fingernails thoroughly.
  • Now use the remover to patiently remove all nail paint off your nails.
  • Wash your hand with soap and warm water.
  • Keep your hand dipped in warm water for three to five minutes.

Now your nails are as pretty as a princess’!

For pretty lips

#1. Okay the top most advice is, do not use bad lipstick. Nothing damages your lips more than bad quality lipstick. You don’t have to buy top notch brands, but at least don’t go for the street sellers.

#2. At the end of the day if you are having a tough time removing that lipstick off your lips, do not rub too hard. Instead, take some cream / petroleum jelly / lip cream, and apply on your lips. Now take some cotton and softly wipe it off.

#3. Always keep a lip balm handy. In winters your lips get chapped and cracked. Look after them.


#Secret tip – A little orangish tinge at the centre of your lips make it look fuller. But do it only if it looks good on you overall!

Beauty sleep is not a myth

The best cure for your pimples is having good rest, eating non oily food and getting the beauty sleep. Do not attack your pimples with products, you will end up with more. If you suddenly have too many pimples then start using oil free cream and wash your face more often. Those round unwanted things happen on your pretty face when dust and dirt settles in your skin pores.

For your eyes

The only thing that can spoil a pretty look is dark circles beneath your eyes. The best home made remedy is using potato slices. Keep them on for half an hour and you will be better.


It is true that use of too much chemicals is bad for your skin, so try to minimize on heavy doses of mascara or glitter. Save the make up kit for parties or weekends. The best thing to do is apply kajal / eye liner either thin or thick (whichever suits your look the best) and you are all ready!

That is all for today pretty ladies! Watch out for more in this column!

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