As far as unique castings go, Director Pia Sukanya’s directorial debut Bombairiya seems to have left no stone unturned. And as far as unique pairings go, Pia seems to have gone the extra mile by pairing Radhika Apte and Ravi Kishan together in what can only be described as curious relationship.

The duo was recently spotted at a location in Mumbai shooting for what could be described as a ‘Juliet versus Romeo’ scenario. Radhika was seen standing on a bridge and Ravi below her in a swan boat making a passionate plea.

Said Radhika, “I know there was a bit of shouting but that was ironically rather a sweet scene. Ravi plays Meghna’s client Karan Kapoor, and with the pressure of the day she kind of unloads on him with no holds barred.” Basically Karan is in love with Meghna in the film but she is running away from that and a lot of other things when her phone gets stolen which forces her to communicate directly and in person.

Said Director Pia Sukanya, “Both Meghna and Karan are at difficult phases in their lives. Meghna is battling the fear of exposure and Karan, possibly facing the end of his own career, will not talk to anyone else. The scene as it plays out seems comic at face value but has many layers which allow the film to say so much more. We have carefully crafted such scenes in the film keeping in mind the bigger darker story that our main characters get dragged into.

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