Raksha Bandhan Celebration all over the world is celebrated with with pomp and show. It is an occasion which is celebrated with a great amount of enthusiasm. The festival of Raksha Bandhan brings an epitome of happiness with it. There is hula-baloo everywhere. Raksha Bandhan falls in the month of August every year and this time the happy occasion falls on the 5th of August 2018. It’s time for all the brothers to pull up their socks and find a gift for their sister. Check out really cute Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister other than chocolates. The festival is celebrated at home as well as in the office with great excitement.

The History of Raksha Bandhan is quite special as well and you can directly go here and check the whole interesting events that led to the origin as well.

Remember how we were supposed to write a Raksha Bandhan Essay when we were in school? This exercise was actually done to let us know the meaning of the occasion. Thus, the festival of Raksha Bandhan always brings in the feeling of nostalgia with it. We just happen to go back to our childhood memories. We are sure that every sister has already started counting the days left for Raksha Bandhan 2018.

Did you know that the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different states in numerous different ways? Well, there may be diversity but the significance of the festival is the same.

1Raksha Bandhan in Maharashtra

raksha bandhan celebration 2018

The festival of Raksha Bandhan clashed with the coconut day festival which is also called the Narali Poornima. On this day, the fishermen worship God Varuna who is the lord of the sea to seek blessing for their prosperity and family. Sisters tie Rakhis to their brothers after the ritual. The tribe of Kolis throws coconut towards the sea as a ritual.

2Raksha Bandhan in Jammu

raksha bandhan celebration 2018 in different states

The festival is celebrated with a great amount of zeal and the main attraction of the occasion is kite flying in the states. In Jammu, the string of that very kite is called the ” Gattu Dor”. You can sight beautiful kites of different shapes and sizes around this time.

3Raksha Bandhan in West Bengal

raksha bandhan celebration in different countries

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is called the Jhoolan Poornima and on this day the people worship Lord Krishna and Radha Rani with an immense amount of enthusiasm. Sisters visit their brothers place to tie Rakhi and strengthen their relationship.

4Raksha Bandhan in Nepal

raksha bandhan celebration in different states

In Nepal, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is called the Janai Poornima which is also known as the Shravan Poornima as it falls in the month of Shravan. It is actually celebrated as a sacred thread festival. This thread is called the Janai. It is only given to a Hindu male after a very impressive Brathabandhan ( Religious ceremony). The thread of Raksha Bandhan in Nepal is also called the Doro.

5Raksha Bandhan in Haryana

raksha bandhan celebration states india

The auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan is called the ” Salono” and on this day the priest of the temple ties a sacred amulet on the devotee’s wrist. This thread protects the person from evil eyes. Sisters also tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist to ensure their well being.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you!

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