Raksha Bandhan Special Snacks Recipes are the most important to learn because all the kids yearn for some great and healthy snacks whenever there is a get together somewhere. The Raksha Bandhan sweets are also in demand because festivals are all about having that amount of sugary happiness in your life. The Rakhi Special Food and Desserts can be decided well in advance and even practiced before the D-Day.

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Rakhi Festival Food is one thing that every foodie wants to know about. The Rakhi Date in India is 26th August 2018 and thus you are left with quite less time to curate recipes so that you are ready for the fine dining experience. The Festival of Raksha Bandhan brings with it lots and lots happiness and togetherness. It is a festival on which families come together to celebrate which makes it quite important for you to prepare your food menu in advance.

Check out the list of Raksha Bandhan Traditional Food from here.


raksha bandhan traditional food

The traditional Kheer is a blend that is made up of rice and milk. Kheer is a dessert that is made on auspicious occasions as it considered pious. The cooking of Kheer requires efforts. To make it, you need milk, dry fruits, water, sugar and some saffron. Cook the rice and sugar in a cooker for 10 minutes and then add milk and keep it stirring ti until it reaches the consistency. Garnish with dry fruits.

2Ghee Puri

traditional food raksha bandhan recipe

Puris are the staple food whenever there is an auspicious occasion in a Hindu household. The puris are made of pure ghee and are eaten with Chickpeas ( Choley) or Potatoes. Mix wheat, salt, warm water and roll the dough to achieve the right consistency. Now, shape it and fry in oil. Serve Hot.

3Moong Dal Halwa

rakhi food special

The Moong Dal Halwa is the favorite of every elder one in the family. It is also a desert which is made on special occasions. For making Moong Dal Halwa you will need a set of ingredients that are the ghee, milk, saffron, Moong Dal, gram flour, khoya and almonds. First you have to stir the gram flour on medium high until golden brown. Stir sugar, milk, khoya at regular intervals and serve hot.

4Vegetable Biryani

rakhi special food

The Biryanis can be had with some Boondi Raita and you can make the biryani with these sorted ingredients which include Basmati rice, cloves, mixture of spices, mix vegetables, yogurt and dry fruits. Biryanis fill in the main course and make it quite easy for you serve them.

5Dahi Bhalle

rakhi special food recipes

The Dahi Bhalle is a marvellous snack and is served with green chutney or beside the main course. The ingredients of the Dahi Bhalle include chana dal, white dal, sugar, salt to taste, yogurt, water, oil, tamarind chutney, red chill powder etc. They look mesmerizing and taste delicious.



Seviyan is also known as vermicelli and is made on special occasions in the Indian household. The Seviyan is made with ingredients which include Vermicelli, Butter, Dry Fruits, Sugar, Milk, Cardamon etc. You can first stir all the cloves and cardamons in butter to create the aroma. After that, mix milk, sugar and vermicelli after then.

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