After touring for over a period of 16 months between 121 shows, Adele has had enough, it seems. It was clear after she expressed frustration regarding her situation as she had to cancel the final 2 concerts of her tour due to medical Grounds.

This decision by Adele was primarily taken because her Vocal Chords were failing and she was advised by her doctors not to perform. The tickets were completely sold out for her Concert at the Wembley Stadium in London, England and there was a high level of anticipation. Other than that, the final concerts were planned to be filmed for a DVD release, and a 100 Camera- Crew was already set up for the task.

The news of her Vocal trouble, however, thrashed the expectations of millions of Adele’s fans and is also likely to affect the Business of the 29-year-old singer. However, Adele herself had the highest amount of concern for her fans. The written statement shared by her clearly expressed her sentiments regarding this situation. Taking this decision wouldn’t have been easy for Adele, as not only did it affect those who paid for the tickets, but it also upset several of those who came from other countries to England just to see her perform.While the ticket prices would be definitely refunded, there isn’t much Adele can offer to her die-hard fans who had sky- high hopes and expectations regarding her performance.

It isn’t the first time Adele has canceled her shows. The same happened in 2011 when she suffered from a Vocal Cord Hemorrhage and had to cancel a few gigs. But this time seems to be different. The reactions to the situation have been quite mixed until now, with some supporting her and some criticizing her for the decision. Along with this are the fears that this might be Adele’s last tour ever, as the “Hello” hitmaker recently expressed her dislike for the exhausting Tours. Also taken into count is her longing desire to take a break and spend some time with family. While some of her devoted fans would be willing to support her through the rough time, there are some who feel what Adele did was not justified and that she doesn’t care enough about her fans. Some of her fans clearly expressed their concern regarding Adele and her Career through social media platforms. There were many of them who traveled from far- away countries to London just to see her perform, but to their utter disappointment, the only benefit they could get from their flight would be the opportunity to explore London.

The true misery, however, is for Adele herself, as the last couple of concerts at the Jam- Packed Wembley Stadium was supposed to be one of the biggest shows of her life, but all of it ended up becoming a stage of her life she would likely want to forget. One must remember that before this scenario, she was able to perform at 121 concerts across North America and Europe over a span of 16 months for her tour. As mentioned in her statement, she was just two performances away from completing the tour and ending her stressful period. It was really unfortunate that her voice gave up on her just near the end point, and her successful tour ended in chaos. As of now, it is not yet known whether the remaining concerts would be rescheduled or not, but before that happens, her voice needs to recover. Here’s hoping that she recovers well and is able to perform for her supportive fans again.

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