Looking for tips on how to thank your mom this Mothers day? Mother’s day falls on the 14th of May 2023. Well, but you also need to keep in mind that mother’s day is not a thing of one day but for all 365 days. They are living wonders on Earth. If you are asked to quote reasons to thank you mom, in one minute, then you will probably be confused and think about what to say about your mother. Well, but you can certainly take your time and write a bunch of them. I am sure you have 1000 of things to say to your mom to make her smile.

Tip: You can express yourself in chits and write about 100 things to thank your mom for and keep it at various places. You can also write 365 things to thank your mom in those chits and keep them all wrapped.

You can find thank you mom messages and quotes from daughter or son as well and send them but there are also certain ways to cheer and surprise him. 

Scroll below to find some new ways.

She was there in sickness and health

She has probably been awake at night to take care of you even though when she was tired and sick herself. No one ever came near to you when you were down with the chicken pox, but she was by your side all the time. Hence, we should be thankful to our mommies for keeping us hale and hearty.

For the love of delicious food she cooks

Seriously, just thank her every day for the food she cooks. No one else has the audacity to wake up right in the morning or at midnight to cook fresh food for you. She never wants you to sleep hungry. And guys, she will be the only one in the whole world asking you if you have had food on time. Others just don’t care so much.

Thank her for forgiving you even after getting hurt

We have shouted at her for anything and everything but she always has been that selfless angel who forgave us for every word and every action of ours from which she has ever got hurt. No one, I repeat no one in the world can ever be so forgiving towards you like she is.

For all the cleanup she did when you were a toddler

There should be a standing ovation for all the mothers out there to have cleaned us up when we didn’t even know what the meaning of hygiene was. They did not care about the odour or any filthy feeling when it was time to clean us up. Thank her for cleaning up your mess.

Thank you for being the secret keeper

Admit it she has indeed kept your secrets safe and always have saved you from your Daddy’s anger if you were ever at fault. And yep! Before hiding these flaws, she has first forgiven you for these.

She has this Telepathy thing

Moms just know, we do not know how but they are just aware of the plights we are going through. They can make out from your face if you are indeed upset or not. They develop an inner intuition and get to know things related to you.

She can find just about anything

No matter when and where you kept your earpods before losing them, She can find them for you just in a jiffy. She is even better than Sherlock Holmes in finding your things.

And the most important “ Love and Affection”

No one can ever love you more than your mom and dad. They are our world and we cannot imagine our lives without them. They do not judge us and love us blindly. So, probably they are gods sent on earth for us.

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