Sharman Joshi is a great actor. As far as acting goes, he has delighted us in several movies such as Golmaal, 3 Idiots, Ferrari ki Sawari. Circa 2015, he did Hate Story 3. then in 2016 he did 1920 London. And now this: Wajah Tum Ho. As you go through Wajah Tum Ho movie review here, you will increasingly understand why Sharman Joshi should not have been in the movie.

Wajah Tum Ho Review

Bollywood has its fair share of good and bad movies.

There are movies that blow your mind with one of the two – Story, Acting. If a movie turns out “bad” as per critics, then it is because of bad story or bad acting. Wajah Tum Ho had us thoroughly confused.

You see, many simple minded folks like us went to watch Wajah Tum Ho solely because Sharman Joshi was in it. We had not seen 1920 London or Hate Story 3; it was just that for lack of any other big banner movie release on 16 Dec, Wajah Tum Ho seemed a good option.

Then we saw Wajah Tum Ho. It was not a pleasant experience.

5 Things That Made Wajah Tum Ho A Bad Movie

There were power point presentations on how hacking is done / why high speed internet is needed to live stream / absurd things we do not want to watch in movie.

Both actresses namely Sana Khan and Sherlyn Chopra had miniscule logical roles. We have come too far in the era – where we have gotten used to seeing powerful female characters – to not want to see Bollywood actresses being just eye candies in a movie.

For a plot that claimed to be on catching a hacker who was live streaming murder on television, it did not live up to its claims. Honestly, it was nowhere close.

Was it a sex thriller? Was it a thriller? What was it? There is no logical reason to pin it down to any one genre of movies. It was just there. A half sex thriller, half drama.

Sharman Joshi. He is a good actor who tried to raise the bar, but there was no pillar to support it.

All in all, Wajah Tum Ho is not something we recommend to a person wishing to go watch meaningful cinema.

If, however, you are looking forward to a light one time watch, by all means go ahead and watch Wajah Tum Ho.

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