Owing to the traditions, it is the responsibility of the ring bearer to handover the precious rings to the bride and groom. I just happened to come across a very adorable picture yesterday morning, it portrayed a very cute and charming toddler carrying a wooden imprint that said: “Don’t worry girls, I am still single”. How sweet and captivating is that?

Your wedding day is certainly the most important and cheerful day of your life hence, you would want each and everything to be pleasant and perfect.

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Let’s talk about the list of some cute ideas that I have curated for the ring bearer costume. Scroll down below awesome lady!

The Doggy Companion


If I could opt for a Christian wedding someday in my life, I would have definitely opted for my pet dog to be the companion of my ring bearer. The cuteness levels would certainly be on a high. Let your puppy be a part of your celebration and appoint him as the official bodyguard of the toddlers. OMG, this scene just sweeps me off my feet.

The detective Guy

Let the toddler be the Benedict Cumberbatch of your life for a day. Make him wear detective clothes and just swell up the swag level in your wedding. He can also don the costume of James Bond and look all cool walking down the aisle. Let him carry your rings in metallic boxes to make it look more realistic. Do not forget to add up sunshades to the kid’s attire.

The superhero attire


Let your ring bearer be the superhero of the evening. This will probably be the most unconventional way to live up to your dreams of being a part of your favorite cartoon series. Your ring bearer can be Spiderman or Superman for instance.

The Khaleesi way


If you are a big fan of the Game of Thrones, then you might be really happy with the series based costume. Allow your ring bearer to wear Jon Snow’s costume and steal everybody else’s thunder. Make sure the kids do not feel uncomfortable in the costume at any cost.

The classic tuxedo

Being a gentleman will always be applauded by all. Get your ring bearer a nice and decent tuxedo with a cute bowtie to go with. An extravagant smile on his face will add up as an icing on the cake. Trust me on this, toddlers look really really cute in black tuxedos. Consider investing in one.

Aye Aye captain

Let your ring bearer dress up as the captain of a ship. You can always get the costume personalized with the name imprinted on the little cap or t-shirt. The captain will definitely take care of the valuable rings and will absolutely dapper walk with grandeur.

If you want to increase the ring bearer’s swag quotient, just hand over a written caricature explaining the peculiarity of the occasion. Always keep in mind that kids are sometimes casual in handling things! Hence, make sure that rings are always under some adult’s eyes.

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