Olymics is leading sporting event featuring thousands of athletes from across the globe in different sports. It’s considered as the most prestigious sporting tournament in the world with participation from over 200 countries. The Olympic Games are held in a span of every 4 years – each Olympic is different from the last in terms of the host country, the mascot and the stadiums.

In this article we cover all the details regarding the up and coming RIO Olympics.

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The RIO Olympics

The 2016 RIO Olympics are the “summer Olympics”, to be held from August 5 2016 to August 21 2016. The magnitude of this year’s Olympic is massive – with participation of over 10,500 athletes from 206 nations.

In totality, there will be 28 Olympic sports at witness in the RIO Olympics – the newly added Golf and Ruby, which were included in 2009 will remain a part of the games.

RIO Olympic Stadiums

In RIO De Janeiro, Barra Da Tijuca will host the major venues in the city. The rest are located in 3 other zones namely Copacobana beach, Deodoro and Maracana.

The Maracana Stadium will be responsible for the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, the magnitude at which the ceremony takes place will definitely be something that will need to be error-free and therefore the preparations for the same have been going for the last 4 years, since the London Olympics concluded.

As of 29 December, 2015 – the Rio Olympics committee confirmed the completion of most of the stadiums with exception of Rio Olympic Velodrome (76%) and Youth Arena (75%).

RIO Olympic Investment

Olympics/City Investment Public Private
Olympic Park R$5.6 billion R$1.46 billion R$4.18 billion
Public Transport R$24 billion R$13.7 billion R$10.3 billion
General Total R$29.6 billion R$15.16 billion R$14.48 billion

(Courtesy for stats : Wikipedia and Rio Olympic committee)

RIO Olympic Mascot

The official mascot for the RIO Olympics was named on 24th of November, 2014. The mascot is named after the famous musician, Vinicius De Moraes and represents Brazilian wildlife.  The mascot carries design traits of a mammal.

Giving a back story to the mascot, it was said that the mascot was born from the joy of Brazilians after it was announced that RIO will host the Olympic Games. It has been stated that the mascot is an indicator of Brazil’s diversity, culture and people.

The name of the mascot was determined by a public vote over two other set of names, reaching a total tally of 44% with 323, 327 votes.


The official logo for the games was released way back in 2010, designed by the Brazilian agency in Tatil Design. The logo is seen as evoking the Henri Mattisse’ painting and dance.

The logo was created on 4 concepts i.e. contagious energy, harmonious diversity, exuberant nature and Olympic spirit.

Torch relay

The Olympic torch was lit at the Hera temple in Olympia on 21 april 2016. A brief stop was made at IOC headquarters in Switzerland followed by Olympic Museum in Geneva.

The torch relay began it’s Brazilian journey on 3 may in the capital and is set to visit more than 300 Brazilian cities.

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