Romantic Songs for Valentines Day have been listed down below along with the youtube links so that you can initiate the Valentine Day Song Download and give her a surprise right on Valentine’s Day 2023. This list consists of both Valentine Day Video Song in Hindi and in English which are evergreen. These Love Songs for Valentine’s Day spread a strong romantic vibe in your relationship and thus come handy when you want to revive that spark in your relationship.

A romantic outing is barren without a romantic Valentine day song. Victor Hugo rightly says that “ music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent’’. Thus we have curated a list of both Bollywood and Hollywood love songs to dance on this Valentines day.

According to me, Valentines gifts and Valentines day ideas are always a priority but dedicating romantic songs also should not be left behind. They instill a special kind of feeling in the receiver’s mind. I know someone who instantly starts imagining herself in the place of the characters in the song.ROFL! Valentines day is the time to dedicate romantic songs and below is the list of some of the best options.

Well, one of my friend dedicated “ Every night in my dreams” to her beau and he was totally mesmerized by this gesture of hers. She made Valentines day very special for her boyfriend. Guys, it’s time to pull up your socks and choose some really awesome options from the list beneath.

Romantic Songs For Valentines Day

List of all the Love Songs for Valentines day ( English).

Love story by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has this unbelievable power of singing emotionally charged songs. This song was one of my favorite when I was a teenager. If you happen to have a crush then this one is the perfect option for you.

This is what you came for by Rihanna and Calvin Harris

Again a perfect option for those who have recently developed a crush on someone. Rihanna and Calvin Harris completely banged the music charts by this romantic cum dance number.

Every night in my dreams from Titanic

This is an evergreen number from the greatest movie ever in the Hollywood’s history. Trust me you would want to hear this song on loop because the music and the words are really really captivating.

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

Enrique has always had this enthralling voice, he kinda has this pain in every word he sings through. “I can be your hero” is one of my favorite songs till now, you can dedicate this song to the girl you like from all your heart and soul.

 What makes you beautiful by One Direction

These five teenage guys had become the heartthrob of almost every girl out there. Even now, this song is on the tips of every girl born in the 90’s. The song can be dedicated to your girlfriend to tell how beautiful she actually is to you.


Well, this guy has one unique quality which never fails to impress me no matter how many times I listen to his songs. ” Escape”, is one such! The mere music of the song is romantic as well as sensuous. Guess what? Enrique’s real life girlfriend also did a cameo in this song.

Nothings gonna change my love for you by George Benson

This song is everybody’s all time favorite. The true meaning of the song is really really sweet and enchanting. You can dedicate this song to your bae to let him or her know that your love is never going to change.

 How Deep is your Love by Akcent

For anyone who has been suffering through negligence by his or her partner, can dedicate this song to them. The music is quite upbeat and the feelings are oh so genuine.

Let me Love you by Justin Beiber and DJ Snake

The song which has been on loop in everybody’s playlist in the year 2017 is actually worth all the buzz it has been creating. The song conveys beautiful emotions and is also a club number at the same time.

Rhythm Divine by Enrique

Enrique Iglesias is reigning my song list you see. The song is perfect to propose somebody you really love. Go for it buddy.

List of Love songs for Valentine day ( Hindi ). 

Zehnaseeb from Hasee Toh Phasee

I really really love this song and the lyrics are commendable as heck. I bet your significant other would not be able to stop his or her tears if you dedicate this one to them. Every word in this song is just so realistic.

Hosanna from Ekk Deewana Tha

A perfect number for the one who has not yet proposed their love. No worries, dedicate this song to her/him. Do not forget to attach a Valentine day gift with the tape as well.

Dil Diyaan Gallan

This song is from the recently released Salman Khan movie and it has already made it to almost everybody’s playlist. I must say that it is truly a heart touching number.

Kabhi jo Badal Barse

Arijit singer has done a great job I must say. His voice over does wonders for anybody and everybody. The song is really sensual.

Hona Tha Pyaar by Atif Aslam

This is one of my favorite Atif Aslam song and I really love listening to it. No matter, how many times I listen to it, I am never bored of it. Dedicate this song to your Bae to earn those brownie points.

List of love songs for Valentines day ( Punjabi).

The list can be infinite but here are 5 of them.

Dil by Ninja

This one is a Punjabi number and one of my personal favorite too. This song is actually a Valentine day themed one, so you cannot be actually ignorant towards it. Do search the song on you tube and do not forget to watch the video, it comes with something really sweet.

Taare by Aatish

Again a Punjabi romantic song with heaps of emotions attached to it, this one is always in the repeat mode on my iPod. You can dedicate this song to your girlfriend or boyfriend and enjoy the awesome expression that they give after hearing this one.

Ban Ja Rani by Guru Randhawa

Gear up all guys, because this song is the sure fire way to impress your crush. Ban Ja Rani actually means Be my Queen in English and that is why this creates a lasting impression on every lady out there.

Guitar Sikhda by Jassi Gill

The song has created a rage among everybody. Jassi Gill has done a brilliant job with his acting skills. The story line, the screenplay and the set is brilliant and actually really romantic.

Soch By Hardy Sandhu

Genuine emotions and heart wrenching story is what that defines the song. It was launched a couple of years ago but still counts as one of the best Punjabi love songs.

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