Rose Day 2023 is not only special for all of us but the Nepal Floriculture Association as well. Every year millions of roses are imported from the India to Nepal, the demand for which rises on the Rose Day every year. According to sources, this year there will be a 15% increase in the prices of roses and they will cost around rs.50 to rs.100 per piece.

Last year, the prices of Roses ranged between Rs.40-Rs.80  per piece and this time there is an increament in prices due to the market demands. There is definitely going to be a lot of running here and here to buy a rose for your special one right in the morning but you can definitely send one of these Rose Day Images as a start for the day.

According to us,  you should buy the rose as the first thing in the morning because as the day will pass the prices for them will keep on increasing as well. Rose Day can be celebrated with anyone be it your lover, your parents or your friends. Giving a flower to someone is just a gesture to make them feel that they are indeed important for you. And thus, understanding which color of rose to give to whom is really important as well.

rose day 2023 expected price

In case, you are not able to buy roses offline as in from the markets, you can check out websites like Ferns and Petals for online delivery of roses to your home or at your special ones doorstep. They also have an criteria to fill in the quantity of roses that you want to buy so before filling do not forget to go through the Types of Roses too.

Roses are priced by their ages as well. For instance, the blooming buds actually cost more. So, if you are falling lack of budget, you can always buy the full grown one.

Happy Rose to you!

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