Upcoming Bollywood movies RunningShaadi.com has PINK actor Taapsee Pannu with Amit Sadh. RunningShaadi.com Trailer released today. It seems funny and interesting with a unique story.

As of today, young people have a divided opinion on love marriages and arranged marriages. Still, many would agree that it is quite difficult to convince parents and extended family about the choice of love marriage. While some win everyone’s hearts and manage to have a cordial marriage, some resort to running away. RunningShaadi.com movie trailer shows how two friends come up with an idea of creating a website and providing services to couple who want to run away from family and marry.

RunningShaadi.com Trailer

source: YT / Times Music

Actors – Amit Sadh, Arsh Bajwa, Brijendra Kala.
Actress – Taapsee Pannu.
Director – Amit Roy.
Presenter – Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures & Rising Sun Films.
Producer – Ronnie Lahiri, Shoojit Sircar & Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures.

RunningShaadi.com movie will be liked by the audience. It has a fresh young vibe to it. In less than 2.5 minutes, the RunningShaadi.com trailer shows how two friends come across many people who are unable to convince families about marrying ones they love. They then decide to help these lovers run off and marry in court.

About RunningShaadi.com Plot / Story

RunningShaadi.com Trailer

You may be wondering what is the story of RunningShaadi.com?

From RunningShaadi.com trailer, movie’s plot is apparent. Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) is friends with geeky Sarabjeet Sidhaana aka Cyberjeet. On realizing that many people run away to marry in many cities, they create a website RunningShaadi.com.

RunningShaadi.com is a website where couples can approach Bharose and Cyberjeet to help them elope. It becomes an instant hit.

Soon this angers many people; mainly families of those who have previously availed services of Bharose and Cyberjeet. This, then, leads to chases around Amritsar with founding friends escaping angry families. Nimmi (Taapsee Pannu), their friend helps them.

RunningShaadi.com Movie Cast

As you can see in the trailer, the cast is excellent. We have recently seen Taapsee Pannu in PINK and we are all praises for her. She is amazing! In RunningShaadi.com, Taapsee Pannu plays the role of Nimmi who is a  loud-spoken Punjabi girl.

Amit Sadh as Ram Bharose is a dependable man, friends with Nimmi and Cyberjeet. He works at Singh ‘n’ Singh run by Nimmi’s father.

As Cyberjeet, Arsh Bajwa is a computer whiz who has Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as his idol. It is thus, with the help of his street smartness that RunningShaadi.com is made.

After RunningShaadi.com Trailer, When Will Movie Release?

With RunningShaadi.com trailer, we are all looking forward to watching this movie in theaters. It will release on 3 Feb 2017.

RunningShaadi.com Release Date

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