Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, Rustom is based on a real life story. Rustom trailer can be seen online, featuring Akshay Kumar as Rustom Pavri, and Ileana D Cruz. After Airlift, high expectations ride on Akshay Kumar’s shoulders to bring to his fans another superb movie. Not only Airlift, but also his 2013 release Special 26 belonged to the same genre as upcoming Rustom, and this has further led to eager anticipation for movie release and prior to that trailer release.

Rustom Trailer released on June 30, 2016

Watch official trailer of Rustom.

source: YT / Zee Studios

K M Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra

If you have been following Rustom trailer release date and other related news on Rustom movie, you will already be aware that this movie is based on real life incident K. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra.

In brief, the incident was as follows.

  • Commander K. M. Nanavati was married to Sylvia and he lived in Mumbai with his family.
  • He often had to go away on assignments.
  • While he was away, his wife, Sylvia, fell in love Prem Bhagwandas Ahuja who was a family friend.
  • While Sylvia wanted to marry Prem after divorcing her husband, she doubted whether Prem intended to marry her.
  • One day when Nanavati returned home he found Sylvia in a troubled state.
  • On confronting her, she told him about her affair with Prem.
  • K M Nanavati dropped her and her children to the cinemas and went to the Naval base.
  • At the Naval Base, Nanavati collected his pistol by giving some excuse and completed his duties.
  • He went to Prem Ahuja’s office. He did not find him there.
  • Then he went to Prem’s residence and asked him whether he would marry Sylvia and accept their children.
  • When Prem said he would not marry Sylvia, K M Nanavati shot him with three shots.
  • Then, K M Nanavati went to confess his crime.
  • The case was a complicated one as there were technicalities involved on whether it was a heat of the moment crime or not; or whether it was a premeditated murder.
  • Moreover, it was a crime of passion but out of love; and by a patriot.

Rustom Trailer Reviews

While most of us have already decided we will like the trailer (go Akshay!!) many of us are still level headed and open to opinions. So do not forget to share your views on Rustom trailer below after watching it!

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