Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a sequence of cop-comedy action movie Gabbar Singh of Pawan Kalyan.

Gabbar Singh was a movie which made Pawan Kalyan, the superstar Pawan Kalyan. Now he has come up with Sardaar Gabbar Singh in which is again playing the role of a cop who will save everyone from the movie’s bad man. The film has released on 8 April 2016.

The movie is released in Telugu and dubbed the Hindi language. It is getting a mix response as for Telugu audience, this is a movie of their Superstar Pawan whereas for Bollywood, it is just a Hindi Dubbed Telugu movie having a very boring plot.


Sardaar Gabbar Singh: Box Office Collection

The most awaited movie of the year ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ released on 8 April 2016 worldwide. It made astonishing collections on the opening day of the movie… Read More

Best Thing About Sardaar Gabbar Singh

  • Pawan Kalyan is definitely the reason of existence of this movie. This movie is written by Pawan himself. In a very beginning of this movie, Pawan message to all his fan that This film is dedicated to his fans make this movie special for all his fans.
  • The Chemistry of Pawan and Kajal Agarwal is very much liked by all the viewers. Kajal playing the role of a princess in the movie is looking like a real princess.
  • The music given by Devi Sri Prasad is very much appreciated in the movie. He has given the three good songs to the movie.
  • The set of Rattanpur village which is created by art director Brahma Kadali is so beautiful that it look more like a real village than a mere set. Amazing work!

Worst Thing About Sardaar Gabbar Singh

  • The storyline of the movie is very repetitive and predictable. Though the movie starts with full action masala scenes and powerful dialogues but after interval things go downhill and turn completely boring.
  • In Hindi dubbed movie, the dialogue dubbed in a very sloppy way which causes unnecessary laughs.
  • Because of the weak storyline, the cast like Tisca Chopra, Rao Ramesh, and Pooja Ramachandran did not get a chance to perform at all. They are very given very silly and useless roles.
  • Long three-hour movie.

Reasons To Watch Sardaar Gabbar Singh

  • To watch Tollywood’s power star Pawan Kalyan back in action.
  • To watch Kajal Aggarwal and Pawan Kalyan romancing first time on screen
  • Devi Sri Prasad’s music.
  • Cop-Action Masala with good actions scenes.
  • Pawan’s first sequel movie.

Plot Synopsis

This movie starts with the powerful slo-mo entry of Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) riding on the horse. Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a self-styled daring cop who is transferred to a village named Rattanpur. This is a lawless village which is ruled by Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar). Sardaar Gabbar Singh is transferred there on the request of a royal family of that village so that they can get freedom from the rule of Bhairav Singh. You can predict what happens next and who win at the end.

Go and watch this movie if you are a hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan. All the action scenes by Pawan are the best moment of the movie. So watch it for Pawan.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh: Movie Rating

2.5 stars

Sardaar Gabbar Singh: Movie Trailer (2016)

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