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Some 11.2 million American households currently own an RV, pointing to the fact that the industry is more than thriving in 2022. 

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been as rosy for some who’d been forced to sell their motorhomes because of the pandemic. If you find yourself in this group, or you’re planning to upgrade to a bigger RV, many will be interested for sure.

Selling a small motorhome is different from selling a car or home though. The market has its own unique features and requirements, but nothing you can’t follow with this simple but informative guide.

Let’s get started!

Clean the RV

This is obviously the first step. Whatever you do, make your motorhome desirable. Clean it, declutter, give it a fresh coat of paint – the idea is to make it attractive. Then take lots of photos! 

List Your RV for Sale Online 

There are plenty of websites that allow you to list RVs for sale, so take advantage of them. Be sure to include plenty of photos and all the essential details potential buyers will want to know. 

Connect With Local Dealerships

Local dealerships are another good place to get the word out about your motorhome sale. They may buy an RV outright or help you find a buyer. Check this shop to learn more. 

Inform Your Circle 

Of course, there’s nothing like the power of your own family and friends. Tell everyone! Like any dealership, they might be interested in buying your used motorhome or refer you to someone who is. 

Hold an Open House

Don’t let the term intimidate you. The open house simply means welcoming potential buyers into your home or wherever you’re comfortable having them take a look. 

Price It With an Expert

Unless you’re confident about pricing your motorhome yourself, get a professional RV appraisal. An expert can make sure you get the highest reasonable profit from the deal. 

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Selling an RV is not exactly like selling a car, but pretty close. You’ll have to be ready to haggle so you get the price you want. Again, if you’re not confident about this part, ask an expert to negotiate for you. 

Choose the Right Buyer

Remember this: you don’t have to sell your motorhome to the first buyer who comes your way. You always have the choice to pursue or decline an offer, so don’t feel pressured. If you think the price isn’t right, hold the sale. 

Sell Your Small Motorhome Right

Keep the above tips in and you should be safe from the common pitfalls of small motorhome sales. Watch out for scammers. Society makes a lot of them these days.

Be vigilant and remember that a little extra effort can go a long way in finding the right buyer.

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