Things can go haywire for you if the color combination is not right. Be it a wedding, work or any other important event you certainly need to pull it off. Navy is a very masculine color and a shining star in the color fraternity. Making color combinations depends from person to person. In my experience, charcoal gray works best with navy blue. With navy blue pants, light hued colored shirts work the best. Beige, baby pink and stark white totally nail the whole scenario .

Sometimes we are clueless and it is quite hard to make a decision. No worries, there are an immense number of ways to come up with a solution. You should always look closely on your skin tone and then head up to stylize the colors of your outfit . While being creative is important, you also need to determine the time of the day for instance during day time women can opt for light yellow shirts or peach hued ones.

For evening wear navy blue pant can be paired up with a navy blue shirt giving it a monochrome look.

Patterned or creatively colored shirts do not work well with navy blue pants. Also, make it a hard and fast rule not to pair navy blue with black ever.This is because dark colors block out each other. Navy blue pants can also be teamed up with the right pair of shoes and accessories.

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Pairing a rose gold watch will glam up the look instantly. Also ,  you are guaranteed to turn heads by wearing a powder blue shirt with navy blue pant.

Navy blue is also a favorite choice among the stars. Last Monday, the renowned actress Miranda Kerr was spotted wearing a white pant with a white shirt and teaming it up with a navy blue shrug at the airport in Korea. She totally nailed the look styling the attire up with black sun shades.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember choosing color saturated tones.

Being a fine arts student, I can safely say that using the color wheel to choose the coordination will definitely make you stand out of the game. There are three kinds of classifications namely which are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Primary colors should especially occupy most of the color space of your outfit. The tertiary colors should occupy the least of the space. It is always a safe bet to wear neutral colors because they work with all the colors of the universe. Navy is also a neutral color hence, can be worn with any of them but try and always avoid the darker ones. Black, White, Grey, and Brown are some of the neutral colors.

A fun and easy way to make certain the color combinations for any occasion is to switch and practice clothes at the comfort of your home. You can keep on trying various combinations until you get the best and perfect look. Your best neutral is often close to your hair color.

Navy blue pants are a wonderful wardrobe staple.The eye looks for something different. Since there isn’t a difference in tone or colour, the eye looks at the figure as one continuous shape and looks at you against the background, of the world, to find contrast. Girls can also use chunky necklaces to complete their look. Yellow shirts can also go with navy blue pants and give it a day time look.

My personal favorite combinations would be cement colored shirts, olive green or fuchsia pink ones. Try something muted and pale with your navy blue pants.

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